Friday, January 29, 2010

Stuff I Do When it Snows

Some boys do not get to go out, so they look out of the window instead.

I went to the park with Knutty.

This is Knutty's winter camoflage.

When the rocks have snow on them, we slide off.

Me and Milo always like the snow.
This is a movie of 
Knutty . It is 5 seconds long.
He is in the park when it is snowing.



  1. We just found your Blog... It is very nice. You have lots of good friends. We like reading about your life in the city. We live in the Wild Wild West with lots of interesting animals and sniffs but we have to be very careful around them.
    Tall lady person's blog is named for us but she writes about lots of stuff with pictures too.

    Woof. . . Two Little Square Black Dogs.

  2. Buster, my Ralphy and Beau liked nothing better than to play in the snow. Looks like you had lots of fun with Milo and Knutty!

  3. Glad your person so faithfully takes you out for a romp. Not only do you get to play in the snow, but we get to see things around your home and get to know your friends. Don't loose Knutty in all the whiteness! Loved his movie.

  4. I bet it is hard to sniff out anything good in the snow

    stay warm Buster - and all your friends too

  5. Buster-

    You look so darn cute with snow on your nose! I was wondering though - do you have to get dried off by your mom when you get back home?

  6. So where are those cute little dog boots I saw you in?

  7. Hello Buster,

    You have already seen real New York snow (that's the snow that sticks, and sticks around, and that's the snow that might require those boots.

    This last snow was sort of play snow. And you obviously knew that and ... played in it.

    Stay warm this weekend. It is going to be very cold. Full moon, too? Do you notice the moon or do you mostly go outside before sunset?

    Best wishes.

  8. Brrrr, just looking at those pictures makes me shiver!

  9. Dogs have so much fun in the snow...cats, not so much but we sure enjoyed watching you and your friends out there!

  10. Hi there, Buster...We are Milo's grandpappa and grandmummy...we are so happy to know that our grand-dog Milo has such adorable friends, and you are just too special. I hope we will meet up with you during this snowy, snowy, cold, cold winter season...If you do see Milo before we do...kiss his face for us because we love him so. You certainly are lucky to have such a great Mum! Keep Warm, Grandpappa Bob, and Grandmummy Eileen