Monday, April 26, 2010

I am Famous but not Full of Myself

Because I am famous, Mum sometimes get letters from other dog's mums.
This dog is called Gracie Burdick. We think she is about 2 years old. Weighs about 55 lbs. She is very friendly and would like to be friends with Buster.
I  am glad she wrote to me and would play with her if she lived near my house. I like her bandana.

Because I am famous, I sat on a red carpet near my house. Knut was there too.

When we were done being famous, we ate popcorn off the floor.
I have an entourage. It is called Knutty.

I will let Benny be in it too.

But I do not forget my old friends Gomez and Biggie....

and Jasper and Walter.

Anyway, the cat at the vet  still gives me mean looks....

.... so does Fatty.
Being famous is not always what it is cracked up to be.

I hope you are well


  1. Oh Buster I dream of being able to sniff your tail end like those friends of yours, and romp on carpet with you and NOT eat popcorn- makes me upchuck...You are my most famous friend. Please autograph a picture for me.My person can run it through the printer and i will keep it by my cushion.

  2. We are so glad to know that you have an entourage and such good
    friends! Being famous in NYC must be pretty cool! We are all infamous
    here, for eating hats and stealing butter off the counter and stuff.
    But you get to eat popcorn- way cool!

  3. Kuntty looks like a great entourage.
    Did you see a good movie or were you just there for the popcorn ?

    cheers, Watson and Hamish

  4. No matter how cool you become there are always mean cats and Fattys to put you in your place. But don't pay any attention to them. They're just jealous.

  5. Hi Buster,

    Well, we would luuuv to have your pawto-graph any day! You studly star you!

    Star and Riley

  6. Don't worry, the cat at our vet is mean too. We think all cats must be that way.

  7. Hello Buster.

    Wow. Red carpet with popcorn. That really does seem pretty fantastic. Of course, you know that you have a loyal fan club over on Fifth Avenue in the shade of the Flatiron Building.

    Best wishes.

  8. On the red carpet eating popcorn??
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Gomez and Biggie look a bit grumpy... perhaps they wanted to sniff your tail end too? :-)

  10. Buster - even though you are quite famous, you will always remain humble and adorable!

  11. Buster, you look as handsome as ever! You deserve to be on the red carpet. Can't wait to go to the next opening with you, I'll get a haircut and my nails done.


  12. Oh! The Red Carpet! Do you know Skeezix the cat? He was just in New York and he is famous too! You should visit his blog, it will make you smile!

  13. oh Buster this is one of my most favorite posts ever
    you are so right to not forget your friends at the dog park even if you are famous

    and I still think the cat and fatty really do like you

  14. I like the pictures on your blog. Come and see my girls- Mom is an animal communicator so we get to say what we think~

  15. each day as I scan my blog list, I rush to see what Buster is doing today. I leap over other blogs to get there.

    So good to see a Fatty update, how green everything is too. BAxter has a parcel gathering for Buster as well, and hopes his head wont swell too much.

  16. Aww Buster! You are gorgeous! You make sure you keep that cat under wraps... sneaky little things.
    Love, Noelle! :]

  17. There's Fatty! I've been wondering what happened to her - I thought maybe you ate her!

    Every great hero/famous leading man needs at least one nemesis ... Fatty and Mean Cats only make you look good.

  18. Buster, you are gorgeous! Love your face on the
    DSCN0190 photo! I will love to give you a huge kiss!

  19. Buster- all cats are NOT mean. Gracie & Lucie LOVE Spike and ELVIS- though sometimes they hate having to sharing petting time with Spike and Elvis wants to eat as much food as them! We all cuddle and share the bed- and ELVIS (he is a black & white cat) lets Gracie pull him across the kitchen floor by the ears!