Monday, April 12, 2010

Some Small Dogs and My Haircut

This is a very very small dog. Claud would like it.

This is another small dog. I am saying hello to its brother.

This is a picture of me and Knutty looking for twigs to eat in the grass.

Yesterday I was fuzzy.

Today I had my first hair cut.
 I am all trimmed up for summer.



  1. HANDSOME! Do you feel friskier? Too much fur can slow you down- I am going in soon for another cut, I will try to bite them...they will give me a biscuit and it will be a big deal! Everyone says "ohhh! you look like such a pretty pup!" when it is finished. Sort of worth it...but I will still try to bite them....for a joke.

  2. Not a shaggy dog tale!
    Looking good, Buster xx

  3. Yes, very handsome. You're haircut makes you look very grown-up and classy.

  4. Great haircut Buster... You look very handsome.

  5. You are looking so very handsone with your new haircut Buster!!


  6. Good evening Buster.

    I do like all the photos in this post, even the one that shows you after your haircut.

    Hoping that you will enjoy your trim style. I will say this very softly, but I sort of liked your fuzziness! And Buster, if you also liked that fuzzy fur, let me tell you that time will allow it to grow again.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon, and telling you all this in person. xo

  7. You look soooo handsome, Buster!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Looking good Buster!
    Speck, Sprocket and I have just discovered your blog this weekend - we are now all caught up on your life and your friends! We wish we lived closer so that we could meet you in the Dog Park. We just got our spring trims as well, don't worry if you don't like your haircut - it grows back!
    Hope you are having a good day!
    Julie(human mom), Speck(black scottie) and Sprocket (wheaten scottie) - your new fans!

  9. Very dashing ! You look very Clark Gable in your picture.
    We were both very sick, slowly getting better and we had all our hair cut off. We don't look too Scottie right now but will again soon.
    Your hair will grow in just in time for Fall !
    Cheers, Watson and Hamish

  10. Glad to see that you are finding some small friends too.

    Did you find anything good in the grass the chew on?

    Your haircut looks nice. I hope you feel cooler now!

  11. I love your blog! Its great to see a blog from a cool puppy's point of view. I am 9 and I have a pet/animal blog. One day I hope to have my own animal shelter where I can help puppies find homes. I adopted my puppy Marley and I call him my little puppy brother.

  12. Gizmo also loves such very small dogs, too!
    Your new haircut is cool!!!
    Do dogs have to pay taxes in NYC, too?
    We see a tag on the your leash that looks similar to our tax tags here.
    Enjoy your day - almost bedtime in Europe!!
    ~õ~ • ~✿~ • ~õ~ • ~✿~
    Gizmo and mum

  13. Very snappy Buster. Just got a trim myself and am feeling kind of sharp.
    I love the oval 'portal' presentation in the last frame.

  14. Yes! You look so handsome Buster!!
    I am always your fan! Did I told you that I would love to know you in person? Would be great!

  15. So is Mr. B all used to his new do? Hugs with lots of love - ! xxx

  16. Dear Buster,

    My dog's name is Benji. He loved your blog, so I allowed him to write a short story on mine. Check it out when you have time (I know you are busy).

    I am now one of your followers!