Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peekaboo and an Update about My Art

This is a baby who comes to the park. Her name is Peekaboo.
 She comes in a sling like my human nephew Henry.

Now she is allowed to go on the ground. Some of the little guys play with her.

You will probably want to know about the new direction my art has gone in.
It is very exciting! Can you guess how I do it?
It is called "Peinture de Nazo" or


You can do it too!!
You put your nose on the window when you are looking for your friends.
Then Mum says, "Look what Buster's done!"
Then Dad comes with Windex so I can do a new one.

Here is the nose I use for painting.
The small guy is Jasper. I think you saw him before.

I hope your painting comes out good.




  1. Your art is the best and you do have a fine nose for it! Most impressive- paws up and ten woofs! I am too short to see out of the window but in the car i do have some smoosh art on the window. I do it with my tongue and my toes. You might approve. It is the only art I can do.Except for the heads of my toys that i suck into points.

  2. We just love the new direction your art is headed....Very fresh!! I think I will try it on the car window!

    Mama says those herbs in your window look very delish!


  3. That baby is the cutest and your nose art is the best. Wait a, you're the cutest! Isn't there some way to preserve your art? There's a dog making big money with his art- I can't remember his name but when I remember I'll tell you and maybe you can make big money, too.

  4. What a lovely painting!

    Grand Bisous!

  5. Buster, you are an inspiration to all artists. Always trying new styles and mediums. Your latest work is so unique and remarkable. The photography shows the detail very well. Like stained glass!

    Our cat, Thomas, has done similar work, but in a much smaller scale and very horizontal. I like how you use the full space available.

  6. dear buster, you have SO MANY good stories! i try to read a few every time i'm here. they always make me smile [and i don't smile too easily].

    i like your nose paintings very much. my friend rufus is good at it too. i haven't tried it much myself. i mostly use my nose for hunting possums. but i will try to make some soon. i'm sure my mum will love them too. xox

  7. Buster, your nose is noble, and it's great to know that nose can also create great art. Wow!

    It was grand to see you ... that new hair cut of yours is actually all right. It doesn't diminish your Buster-ness. Hoping that you liked those biscuits. Hoping to see you again soon.

    Best wishes.

  8. Peekaboo is a cute little gal... and you look dashing in your new fur cut, Buster. You have given a new meaning to the term nose job.

    Licks, hero

  9. Ah Buster, you never disappoint! We are very impressed with your impasto effect ~ as we are too short to do much art on windows around the house, we work mostly on car windows. We call our works "Nose drippings" as we are not bilingual and not too sophisticated when it comes to artwork. Looking forward to your gallery show!
    Speck & Sprocket

  10. you and Jasper look so handsome there together
    you are wonderful models

    Peekaboo is adorable

    my cats Isadora and Siren do a lot of nose art

  11. Nobody nose art like you Buster!

  12. Buster -

    Your artwork continues to awe and amaze.

    It is nice to see that you are making new friends. You are such a good, good dog!

  13. Hey Mr. Nazo! I must say, your latest artwork rivals your Dad's - but shhhhh - don't tell him that! (wink, wink) Hugs from your Auntie D. xxx

  14. Oh I have missed you Buster.

    Good to see you are developing your artistic narrative.

  15. LOL! I love your nose painting art. ;-)


  16. We like your haircut, very summery! And nose painting? Yes, we have seen car windows painted like that and even us sometimes paint the windows with our nose when we are birdwatching!