Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Knut came to stay at my house.

We did stuff together. If he did not eat his dinner quickly, I would eat it.

I told him to go in the water at the dog park.

When I was wet I stood on the rock with Walter.

Then my nephew Henry came over. He is wearing his Yankees' shirt
Dad got him. I do not have a Yankees' shirt.

Then I had a little lie-down.

I hope you are well.



  1. Buster, it must have been great fun to have Knut over at your place. Very smart of you not to let any food go to waste. This is Earth Week and I know you are a born conservationist!

    Don't worry about that Yankee's gear. (You might not want to let anyone know if you might be a Mets fan.)

    Buster, I was on my feet working almost eleven hours today, and I think I might have a lie down now myself.


  2. I just love that multi-colored coat. It looks even better wet. "Hi" to Henry and Knut. They are both handsome in their own ways.

  3. Is Knut pronounced NUT or NOOT? My person thinks it is NOOT but I like NUT better. I ate some today and choked a little bit.
    wags and snurffles,

  4. Sure you and Knut had a great time together!
    I need a Yankees t-shirt too!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. Linda Sue

    is pronounced CAN oot
    like King Canute!
    I think it is Danish. There was a polar bear called Knut in Germany that was a big hit!

  6. What a busy time you had! No wonder you needed a little lie-down.

  7. Buster, you have the best friend in Knut, how lucky you are...I like your nephew's yankees shirt, even if I am from Boston!

  8. sounds like you

    are the top dog



    someone has to be..

  9. oh my! Henry is adorable

    you and Knut are good friends

    you're a good friend and a good uncle Buster

  10. Hi, Buster. Mom said it is rude that I never say anything on your blog. So, I thought I would say hi. And that I love my new picture -- my nose is quite handsome, isn't it? But really I want to say thank you for letting me stay at your house when my mom is away. It is really fun -- you are my best friend. And your mom and dad are pretty cool too.

  11. Hi Buster and Elizabeth! Thanks for checking out my blog:) I love your picture of you and Knut! What a great dog park you go to...and what a grand rock to stand on...I hope you are doing well and I look forward to more of your adventures:)