Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friends and Family

This has been a busy week

 Knut has been over often. He likes to kiss people. That is something I do not do.

This is him looking pensive.

This is him and me playing.

My sister was over from England and we went to the park a lot.

She is asking me to come on the plane to England but then I would not be at my house.

Maybe Professor Joba would come over and I would not be there.

I like my house even when they make fun of me.





  1. Buster, I think your sister likes to kiss you even though you don't do that. It makes me happy to hear you like your home. You're a lucky dog. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. You are very luck to live in a house were everyone loves you <3 plus you have such wonderful friends who come to visit.

    Woof Watson and Hamish... it is hot very hot and on fire where we live but we are very happy too !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. It is good to like where one lives, isn't it? Pat, pat goes my hand on your head Buster.

  4. There is no place like home....

  5. Buster, the photos of you and Knut show lots of fun. That photo of Knut on his own ...I don't think he looks pensive, I think he looks as if he is waiting for an answer to a question, and that his deadline is nearing.

    I love the pictures of you and your sister.

    I hope to see you soon.

    Best wishes.

  6. Isn't it nice to have visitors to play with and to take you to the park. No wonder you like home. You have a great life. I'm just glad you share it with us on you blog.

  7. Wow Buster. I'm having so much fun reading through your blog posts. I especially like the ones where you show your artwork. I'm an artist too. I live in Portugal but it sounds like New York would be a fun place to live. Your park sounds amazing and you have so many friends. What a great life.

  8. you may not do kisses but I see that you are very good for hugging and that's wonderful

  9. Buster it sounds like you had a great weekend! Visitors are always fun!

  10. I am jealous of your sister- she gets to get real close to you and sniff and lick and all those things that I want to do. I am older now...I am an old man, says my person. but I can't hear her (i pretend)...

  11. I am so pleased that you love your home. When you've been adopted, it can be a bit hit and miss, but to be somewhere where people really love you is wonderful.

  12. We like reading about your house and your life and watching you grow up!