Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bad and Good

The day did not start out that great because

a mean cat looked at me

and then I saw that Pablo had stitches on his nose

so Ferdinand and Isabella had to guard him.

Then my friends turned up. This is Tyson

and Biggie, as usual

Gomez who I don't see so often nowadays

But best of all is Charlotte! This is her lying in the pool

I think she looks very happy, don't you?

I hope you have fun this weekend.




  1. I think Charlotte looks very happy too! And I think that the way you're looking at her means you're kind of fond of her? I hope you have fun this weekend too, Buster.

  2. What a wonderful bunch you all are!!!!!!!!

  3. No day can start out good when a cat is involved.

  4. Fun bunch of friends you have there. Hope Pablo heals fast so he can be rid of that cone of shame. You are most certainly a water dog. Good thing there is a nice pool at the dog park. Cat--bad. Water--good.

  5. Gee, Buster, I just got caught up with your blog! Good thing you keep an eye on Henry and I am so glad the pool is back and lots of fun!

  6. I own a cat- he is afraid of me a little bit - he runs every time I look at him! The girl in the pool is sniff worthy! I thought of you today down in the doggie off leash area- There was a tiny bowl of water for all of the dogs! I said"NO". I waited to come home for water that was not full of slobber! I also had some bison for my dinner- me mum is good to me...and so she should be!
    URF and wiggle,

  7. Buster, I do hope that your mom and dad let you know that I sent best wishes your way when I saw them very recently.

    Isn't it great that New York is now really getting warm enough to enjoy cool water, and any memories of wearing boots of any color can be cast away...attic, cellar, or even just recycle them.

    Best wishes.

  8. Hi, Buster!
    What happened to Pablo??
    Thankfully he has friends guarding him!
    A splashing time makes me happy too!
    Happy weekend!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. How happened that a cat appeared there? :)
    Buster, you had a great day again!

  10. What a wonderful collection of pets! Lovely and gorgeous!

  11. I'm glad Buster has great friends to protect him! :)

  12. Is Charlotte your girlfriend, Buster? You make a fine couple.

  13. she does look very happy
    and I'm really glad that your cone head friend has guards
    have fun in the pool

  14. Now there is poolside action,

    perhaps your studio work is having a rest.

    I long to see some more creations and installations.

  15. I would have barked at the cat and go all crazy... you are so well behaved, Buster. The pool sure looks tempting for a dip... and Charlotte is pretty... I wanna know too, is she your girlfriend? :)

    Licks, hero

  16. Buster, I heard it was very hot in NYC. I'm glad you got to take a dip in the pool with Charlotte. She does look very happy.

    You have a great bunch of friends. Poor Pablo.

  17. I think Pablo looks just a bit like a dog angel in that second picture,don't you?

    Charlotte sure is beautiful and happy. Just like you!