Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moth and Wren

A moth came in my house

so I decided to catch it.

I am studying it very hard.

Then it went on the studio window. When I caught it, I took it to my bed.
Then I spat it out because it tasted bad and it flew away.
That is what happened with the moth.

This is a dog called Wren that came to the park. 
Wrens are usually birds, but you never know nowadays.

She is a pretty nice sort of dog, like what my mum had when she was growing up.

This is her and me in the pool.

Enzo, Roxy and me let her be in our gang for the day.

I hope you are having fun too.




  1. i've never had a moth before. only flies, cockroaches and skinks. they're pretty bad too. once, i almost had a dragonfly but My Typist screamed very loudly so i had to let it go.

  2. Buster!

    A moth! That can take a lot of focus and time.

    Wren looks really nice, and how nice of you to let her in the gang. By the way, your gang is pretty cool. You all look so happy!

  3. What a very exciting day. You look like you are studying it very hard.
    I love the name Wren !

    The Coopers Hawk who lives by us caught a bird this morning right over our heads, we barked. We are glad he found something to eat but we wish it was one of the nasty rodents that make holes all over the yard instead of the bird ! He does catch the bad rodents too !

    woof, Watson and Hamish
    cheers, parsnip

  4. I hope your moth hunt didn't knock over all those window plants. Even in a high-rise in NYC your mum finds ways to grow a garden. I hope her little street garden is faring well too.

    Too bad after all that work the moth didn't live up to expectations. That happens a lot. I don't know about the artist in your house, but it happens to me a lot.

  5. Those moths are annoying, right?
    Great time with your friends!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Buster, it is very good that you took care of that moth before sunset. If you get one in your house after it gets dark outside, watch out.

    The moth will want to find light and will keep flying towards electric lights. It can be very annoying.

    Glad that you and your pals have got the pool open for the summer.

    Best wishes.

  7. I don't think I would like to taste moth

    your gang is very cool
    did anyone tell Wren to turn around :)

  8. Sometimes we get those kinds of bugs - they are not interesting to me- I like the black buzzing kind that have swords on their bottoms- they are spicy.
    Your gang looks drippy! haha

  9. Whenever I need a smile I just come here to visit you..... You and your friends are very kind to accept Wren into your gang so early before you even know her properly. Good for you xx

  10. Hi Buster,
    Did you know that Flora saw many moths, bugs, flies and wasps here?
    I can see that you have a very beautiful view from your windows.
    And sounds you had a great time with friends.
    I wish you a lovely Sunday!

  11. I don't like the taste of moths either, but Scout and I catch flies in the house whenever we can. Mom appreciates this. She wishes we liked the taste of stink bugs too, but that's never going to happen.

  12. Ah, Buster, I have mised you!

    Glad that you caught that pesky moth. Also glad that you didn't eat it when it tasted nasty.

    Wren looks like a nice addition to the dog park gang.

  13. Buster, you are so zen. That's what I love about you.

    Tommy pounced on a white moth outside our house the other day. Poor moth.

    You're part of a good-looking gang.

  14. What a nice gang of boydogs you are to let a girldog join! We are kinda envious of your fun in the park, but as Teri says "There's a reason there aren't Cat Parks', hahameow!

  15. Oh, we forgot to say that you were very calm when you saw that cats would have knocked over the plants and spilled all the paints trying to catch it and eat it...except Teri usually takes bugs away from us if she catches us.