Friday, June 17, 2011

Overdue and Fly Hunting

I have not been writing my blog because Mum has been in England
 and Dad does not do as much writing as she does.

Sometimes I was looking out of the window.

This is Keith a pigeon who lives outside Claud's house in London.
He does not know how to eat the bit of bread. I could have helped him.

This is a rabbit that I would have chased had I been there.
I was not there, so I did not.

Then Mum came back.

This morning we saw Zoe who was going in a car with Knutty somewhere
that I was not going.

She is a puppy.

Then they took me for a walk.

When we came home I was on the look out for flies.

I am pretty serious about this job.

I hope you have a nice weekend. It is raining here.





  1. Buster it is very good to have this catch up from you. Those last two photos really do show you at your most handsome.

    It must be grand to have your mom back, although I am sure that you and your dad had some good times while you were on your own.

    What did you think of all that thunder and lightning this afternoon. I bet that the lightning connected with the top of the Empire State Building. Do you like seeing lighting, hearing thunder? I am sort of undecided. It is exciting, but also a bit frightening.

    Best wishes. xo

  2. So glad your on fly petrol, extra protein....
    The last pictures of you with your noble profile were wonderful.
    We wish it was raining here, it should be raining here but it is not and we need rain !
    your friends Watson and Hamish

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Dear buster, my poodle helped herself to a piece of street-bread this morning. I was upset, but she was excited. I think she should have left it for pigeons....

  4. Oh dear,
    Buster you look a bit bored and forlorn.... mum will come home soon.

  5. Buster!

    What an adorable puppy! Zoe!

    Once, I walked my dog Jetta and she found a whole found a whole long baguette on the ground. She carried it in her mouth for a half hour, then when we finally got home, she eat the whole thing. She's a retriever, so I guess carrying it was part of the fun.

    Hope you Mum had a wonderful trip. Kind if think she must have missed you!

  6. I'm happy for you that your mum is back. Although I'm guessing she very much enjoyed her trip. I can see the fly patrol is very serious business. It's been raining here too.

  7. So glad your mum is home Buster. I have missed your adventures!

    Zoe is very cute.

  8. my cats (they are not mean) look out for flies too
    sometimes I think they imagine they see them

    it's great to know what is new with you

  9. Buster Buddy! I made a doodoo four times today- I thought you would be impressed. Your fly catching skills are astonishing, do you like to eat them? Are they spicy? There were a whole bunch of baby us in the doggie park today- they were the size of your foot- my person went nuts over them and I thought that she might bring one home with us...I was worried.
    Roo roo roo,

  10. You are so handsome, Buster, I'm surprised your Mum can bear to leave you. Still, she came back. I like the view you have from your window. You must see some very interesting things, when you are not chasing flies!

  11. Buster, it looks like you've been having a very relaxing time. Glad to here your mum is back!

  12. Buster, you look so sad looking out that window at the rain. I bet you're happy to have your mum back. Hope you had a fun weekend even though you had a serious job looking out for flies.