Thursday, September 22, 2011

Funny Faces

I do not know if this is a dog or a rug. Haha.

This dog was outside a shop. I was waiting too.

I do not think he liked the look of me.

He has got very weird teeth.

This is Baxter foraging for twigs to eat because his family
 does not feed him, or that is what he tells me

I know you have been waiting for the latest picture of Knutty.
 He has a new collar which looks a bit like Merry Xmas to me.
He thinks he looks dapper and cool.

But if you really want cool, this is me on the red carpet by my house.
The movies Mum takes of me are not that good because she does not know
how to edit them. Nor do I, so you can skip it.

If you do look at it, this is me and mostly Enzo last Saturday.





  1. Hi Buster, ol' pal! you look magnificent in the movie and you have tail skills down pat! I would give you all of my biscuits!I like your rug friend...I want to sleep on him, I think. Merry Christmas collar is fancy- Knut's people must like winter things.I am going for a walk now- much sniffing to be done and I am just the dog for the job.Sniff you later-

  2. Yeah, he was really getting how they listen so attentivelyto their dads.

  3. I love the movies, because when I see the photos only I always think your Dog Park is very quiet with chirping birds. How silly is that?
    Who takes care of the Dog Park, buys the pool, turns on the water and sweeps up ? I have always wanted to ask.
    I love your beautiful wagging tail.

    woof, Watson and Hamish

  4. You were made for the red carpet! The only thing missing was Knut, right beside you. I also wondered about your nice dog park. Who does take care of everything, it looks so magnifique! Love,
    Ozzy the Pa. Dutch French Poodle. ha ha!

  5. Buster, on or off any carpet, you are very cool.

    I tried to watch the video, but the video would not let me.

    It's great that Knut is back on the scene. Now you have got your true gang together.

    I am hoping to see you soon. xo

  6. Always good to hear what you are up to Buster! I tried to watch your movie too. I don't know how....

  7. the movie wasn't working but I'll try back later
    I can never get enough of you Buster

    Knutty does look cool :)

  8. Wow! You're right about the weird teeth...and how cool you are.

  9. Weird teeth and just a bit scary!

    The red carpet becomes you, Buster!