Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Family and Other Animals*

* I know this is the title of a book, but it is a good title.

Anyway, this is morning and I am licking Dad's plate that he had a muffin on.

My sister came to stay from England and came to the park with me every day.

When Knutty climbed up the steps on the way to the park she talked to him.

When we got there, Baby Lily was there drinking out of the drip in the wall.

And Roxy and Samson and other Lily

This is Mimo that was like the picture of the dog

he is friends with Roxy too. People asked if I was in a video, and Mum made some of me
 and Roxy but it looked like we were in a big fight so she will have to try again some other time.
Today it is raining and there was no one at the park except me, so we came home.






  1. Wurf Buster- your sister is a nice human- I think that i love her. Days have been warm here for a change, I got a haircut so good thing! I ate new food from the health dog food place and it made me sick, so much pooing! My mom bought the good stuff yesterday so I am on the mend. Wish I could sniff you.

  2. Oh Buster you always make my day better ! and today I need a smile.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. What a fine group of family and friends you have Buster. pat, pat.

  4. Dear Buster, you have great family and nice friends! I really like your Sister :))
    Have a good (rain free) day!

  5. you have a beautiful family and wonderful friends Buster

  6. How nice to have a visit from your sister. It looks like she gave you lots of attention during her stay. From all of the tongues hanging out at the park, it looks like it was hot when the pictures were taken! The rain must have been nice and cooling.

  7. Hi dear Buster!
    I am glad your sister came from England and goes to the park with you every day. It's sounds really great. Btw, your sister looks beautiful!
    I would love to see videos with you and your friends. I am looking forward to see it soon.
    You all have a pleasant day!

  8. You have your sister's eyes...

    Family are great, the ones of choice and the blood ones...

  9. Such a nice group of photos and a nice group of friends too! Your sister looks wonderful, I bet she snuggles good too. Enjoy your pals, I'm anxious to see you in a video! Love, Ozzy The Poodle in Pa.

  10. Lovely story of a walk in the park Buster, but I must say I love those pugs. Are they as adorable as they look?

  11. Hi Buster - you have a great group of family and friends!