Sunday, December 11, 2011

Festive Thoughts on Red and White

These are some of the things I have been thinking about.

They made some Christmas cookies and I am looking at them.

Here is me pretending that I am not thinking about the cookies which I never got.

One thing I am thinking about is that lots of Christmas
 is red like the berries the florist's cat is hiding behind.

She is now looking at me. There are berries on trees, but in a shop you have to buy them.

Yesterday there were lots of people dressed up in red and white.

It was a good day because I had a walk with DreamDateDarcy
 who is mostly white except her mustache.

Olive is pretty much white and was playing with some
 dog that I do not know who it is except it is white.

This is not red and white but it has a bird in it, in case you like birds.





  1. Sometimes I like birds- I like when they get frightened of me and scamper off of my deck! I would never bite one. they have sharp faces! You are lucky to have cookies to look at and pretend that you are not wanting them...we don't have any to pretend about. My people are leaving soon I just know it! I do not like it.
    Love Dexter.

  2. I think DreamDateDarcy is beautiful. You are one lucky dog, Buster! Maybe they will bake you some special cookies of your own. I will make a wish for that for you. Love, Ozzy The Poodle In Pa.

  3. You have such good manners to just look at those cookies and not help yourself. Those darn cats seem to get away with climbing around in places where dogs are not allowed.

  4. Love your choice of holiday colours, Buster.
    Edward is white.

  5. Those red berries were so pretty that, at first, I didn't even notice the cat sitting behind them!

  6. you did a wonderful job of not looking at the cookies
    I need to learn from you

    Darcy looks lovely
    how nice of you to pick her up at her front door

  7. So much goodness where you are Buster! I love seeing people dressed as Santa just randomly walking down the street.

    What DreamDateDary is! Wow, and the whiteness is a beautiful contrast to all this red.

    Tell your people that their blog is looking festive, it feels like one of your walks!

  8. ~~merry christmas!~~
    to Buster!

    {{ here is hoping santa brings
    you TONS
    of presents of every color! }}

  9. what!
    and you put on your big sad starving dog eyes and STILL got no cookies?