Friday, December 16, 2011

My Week by Buster

A lot has been going on. For one thing it has got colder.

So Baxter is wearing his coat to the park.

This is a good picture of Gally.

Sometimes people come to the park that I have not seen before.

This is Ella who has a face like one of the cookies you can get in a shop that is called a black and white cookie. Someone said she was like an old episode of Star Trek but I do not know Star Trek. She was nice anyway.

This is another matter entirely. A big, gigundo, gi-normous dog came to the park and talked to Charlotte.

I think he likes her. This may be a problem. I do not know.

This is a lion that was in a shop. If I looked like this I could get the big dog to go away.

This is the cat on 22nd St outside

And spying on me from inside.

This is a funny story. Bodhi from downstairs had an adventure. You can read about it here. It was even in The New York Times. When he was a puppy I wrote about him here.

This is a picture of me that Alicia Padron did in a letter to Henry. She is a book illustrator and we got her book for Henry so she did my picture that you can see.

This is picture of when Knut last came over.

I hope you are well.





  1. Most terriorfying story EVER! I held paws up to ears it was so frightening!

  2. Buster, this post is full of information and great pictures.

    That giant new dog at your park is really, really big. I hope that he has got very big manners.

    I love seeing those little snow flakes drifting down the side of your post.

    The drawing is fun.

    The news article about the river rescue is reassuring. Accidents can happen and sometimes there can still be happy endings.

    I am glad that the weather is finally a little bit cooler. After all, it is the middle of December.

    Best wishes.

  3. I am very glad the the story of Bodhi had a happy ending.
    The big dog is very big and Charlotte does not look very happy. Hope all can be worked out.
    Do you have snowflakes on your blog ? I always have a problem with your page, it loads but never really completely.

    woof, Watson and Hamish

  4. Hi Buster! It is always fun to find out what you have been up to.

  5. that is a big dog!
    he looks friendly though

    you have the best weeks Buster

  6. p.s. is that racoon tail? I'm glad bodhi is fine. don't you go chasing any frisbees off the pier. ;-)

  7. so... was there a problem? did Charlotte succumb to the charms of the bigfella? and which old episode of Star Trek is Ella? and why is the cat spying on you? and why OH WHY do i have so many questions?

    Have a great Christmas, Buster! xox

  8. Nice post, Buster. For some reason I'm drawn to your encounters with the cat on 22nd street; here, and in your earlier post Pals which featured a particularly fine (if ill-boding) photo of that cat.