Sunday, November 22, 2009

Discouraging Comments about my Art and a Party

You may think I have been neglecting my art.
When I did this piece, Mum said, "What are you going to call that Buster?
I could not think of anything.
She said, "You could call it Same Old."
I do not think this is funny.

Anyway, some pictures of my friends. Mia.

and Zuma.

There was a party for someone's birthday.
 Ting made cupcakes with  chocolate sculptures of Elsie.
But we were not allowed to eat them.
Only grown ups were.

Benny said he would like to eat them.

He tried very hard.
Elouise said, "Me too! Me too!"


  1. Hello Buster,

    I think that perhaps you will have a major artistic break through as the holidays approach. There will be many possibilities.

    Benny's yearning for those cupcakes is very touching, but of course, you are wise and know that chocolate is not so good for dogs.

    Not so good as art.

    Best wishes.

  2. Hi Buster,

    Same old or different new we like your art nonetheless... the chocolate cup cakes looks yummy but too bad we fur kids can't have any. I would love to visit all your friends at the park.

    Licks, hero

  3. Buster- Maybe you just need to work your art in a new medium- cardboard can be limiting. Even if you want to stretch your creativity, I would NOT suggest furniture or your Mum's house slippers.

    I've thought Benny might be a bit of rogue- the incident with the cupcakes confirms it.

  4. Benny is a rebel
    lucky for him he has such a beautiful face

    I think Same Old is OK, many artists stay true to their roots

  5. Buster, you are an artist working in a series. A series of cardboard deconstructions. And the fabulous thing about a series is that you discover all kinds of things you never would if you jumped from subject to subject. But I have to say the title "Same Old" has a ring to it, and it made me giggle!

  6. Harley wants to be invited to make art, too!!!
    Your dog stories are precious.

  7. LOL! Sorry to laugh at the title of your new art work. You have such handsome friends. Benny is quite a character. Hehe.

  8. Hi, Buster!
    Never is the Same old Thing! Your art is unique!
    Yummy cupcakes! The chocolate doggies are pawesome!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Hi Buster,

    I like cardboard too but napkins are my true
    art material. I make things with them all over
    the house, sometimes tissues too.

    Benny is cool, I am big so I can reach the counter and my favorite snack is a stick of butter
    and the paper too, it's like frosting to me.


  10. Buster we love your "same ole" art...LOTS!


  11. Buster,

    Let the humans eat the dog sculptures. I think you should hold out for sweet cakes decorated with chocolate vets.

  12. My person calls your new piece "Pup Pulp" and we like it. One day you will not want to shred with your best tool, your teeth- I can only do it for about two minutes now that I am older. Make the most of this period...the pulp period.
    I love your friends- the cakes I dont' know about- if they are made out of chicken I would like them.

  13. Buster, I can't find you to vote for you!!!

  14. Buster, this is not the time to play hide and seek. Please tell us where to find you so that we may cast our vote.

  15. Hi Buster:

    I love your art! Great work. ;-)

    The cupcakes look terrific. Too bad it was just for the adults. I like Benny's determination in trying to taste some of that cake. ;-)


  16. Hi, Buster...I think your art work is terrific! Grown ups can be such critics...LOL! So funny with your friend Benny trying to sneak a cupcake. Where there any doggie friendly treats at this party? Hope so... Say hi to you mum for me. ((HUGS))

  17. Hi Buster, I think your artwork is quite meaningful. I think Benny wishes he was your size so he could reach those cupcakes!
    I wanted to vote for you but I can't find you either!

    Bwwwfs from Emma

  18. Ummm... Buster... I looked and looked and looked and looked for your photo to vote for you but I couldn't find it. *sigh*


  19. classic classic cake shot.. you got the one I was trying for!

    Baxter just did a "piece" yesterday.... not even going there....

  20. Wow, those were some cupcakes, Buster! How did you restrain yourself?!
    Are you anywhere near the parade route for Thursday? Hope it's not too loud for you!
    Happy Thanksgiving & may your belly be full of scraps :-)
    Your pal,

  21. Hi Buster, Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mum and Dad!

    Bwfffs from Emma

  22. Wow Buster. Your friend, Zuma, looks a lot like Edward!!
    You have such interesting friends! Lucky dog!