Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Some Silly Things

This is a hole in the ground that you cannot dig in.
Dexter's mom wrote about holes.
I would make one for her if I could.

This is Dad with my antennas on pretending to scare me.
I am not frightened.
My costume is gone. I ate my wings and Mum threw away my bee t-shirt.
There is something wrong with Bodi! 
He looks weird.

Guess what! They glued his ears to his head with super-glue!
I hope my Mum and Dad do not do that to me.

Hope no one has glued anything to you today.

ps Mum got a new camera. It is exactly the same as the old one.


  1. People do funny things to dogs sometimes, and that hole does look a little scary!

  2. It has been a while since you got to dig a nice hole. Maybe you can find a nice place to dig soon.

    Why in the world did they glue that poor dog's ears to his head? That really doesn't sound comfortable to me!

  3. Buster, your mom's going to have to explain the Bodi's super glue thing. I don't get it! And glad to hear she wasn't cameraless for too long.

  4. Bodi is an Airdale and the super glue will grow out and leave him with stylish ears.
    Anyway that is the idea.
    Buster will keep you posted!

  5. Glad your survived Halloween even if your costume did not.

  6. BUSTER! I just got back from the longest walk- I saw stuff- I could tell you things- My person worked in a Veterinary clinic long time before - if humans are going to be silly like that - glue is a better option than OUCH cutting and pinning on popcicle sticks with plasters...Humans are not smart.
    I am sorry to know that you ate your bee suit but not too sorry.
    Bodi also looks like his nose got stuck on your ear...He probably thinks that that is the fashion this season- super glue, pah!
    ruff ruf
    Hole day is not until Friday and my person will post a link to your magnificent , very round, hole then. Jane would adventure down that hole- My person said so- she likes Jane very much!

  7. Hey Buster. I have to type quick, it is 1.30 am here and that is the only time when the laptop is free. Anairam doesn't like me to use it when she is working. Ha!! Work! I know that she actually spends half the time looking at other people's blogs. Anyway, you look like a cool dog. I am Snous from South Africa. It is supposed to be Snowy, but Anairam calls me Snous. Something to do with her granny's nickname. Whatever. "Snowy" it is because I am very white and I promise that that statement has nothing to do with politics. Where I live black and white is quite an issue. Yes, still. Hey, I like that hole. I should try and find one around here. No, I should try and find food. I like food best. More than holes, I mean. I'm off to find some. Bye. x Snous.

  8. Buster, those silly things are wonderful things. The first photo with the deep hole in the ground and the yellow circles has very good composition.

    I am very glad that you dad did not scare you.
    Having your ears glued down ... now that would be scary!

    Best wishes.

  9. Hey Buster - My son works for the phone and cable people and he sometimes "digs" holes like that - he even works in your neighborhood!!

    So if a guy peeps out of a hole and calls your name say hi, it might be Jeffrey
    I showed him your picture :)

  10. No body glues rabbit's ears with supper glue, poor Bodi, we think style can't be worth having EARS glued......

  11. Hi Buster,
    I like your hole, good choice, though one you could dig would have been more fun for you maybe. Humans eh? The silly ideas they have. Superglue on ears? Not right.
    Hope you find lots more holes soon.

  12. buster! can you reveal why my sweet leila is digging a hole under my house? thanks. :)