Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Family and Ears

My human sister is here.

She came from London.

On Sunday all my family was here.
We are getting someone new. I do not know when.

We went to the  dog park and I thought about ears.
Flash has got big ears.

Sherlock has got big ears too.
Sometimes he trips over them.

Mona Lisa had to wear a pink collar thing after her ears were brushed.



  1. Hi Buster

    We snuck over to the laptop before the Mom person woke up
    We think she's been drinking but that's another story

    Your human sister is beautiful!!
    She glows

    All your family is beautiful

    We fear the someone new might be what they call a baby - we have one of those now and it's an adjustment for us - she's so needy

    But you're a dog and inclined to be easy going so we think you'll have fun

    Mia and Siren

  2. It's nice to see that you and your sister are so close- I bet that makes your Mum very happy.

    My dogs have ears like yours, I had forgotten how many different kinds of ears there are- you're very observant- but I'm sure that's part of your artisitic make-up

  3. Oh Buster I think you have the cutest ears of all!! Sometimes I think they could be part Spaniel or Setter. :o)

  4. Buster -

    Your family looks like the kind who gives lots of love to wonderful, artistic dogs like you!

    Ears are fun things to ponder - aren't they?

  5. Buster, it's so fun to see you enjoying your lovely sister. And someone new!! tooo exciting!! Beautiful, beautiful family.

  6. Buster: I laughed at the name "Flash" for your friend with the LONG ears. We had a basset-spaniel cross dog for a while. His name was Lincoln. "Sherlock" is a good name for a guy with long ears and a fine nose. I'll bet Mona Lisa looks gorgeous when she has her ears brushed. Best wishes to all your family and the new one too.

  7. Thank you for letting us see your sister Buster...you and she look very snuggly together!!


  8. Time with your sister...ahhh...nothing beats that!
    Bet your curious about the new one coming ;)

  9. Enjoy your time with your hooman relatives, Buster! You must be getting extra lovin' :-)
    Your pal,