Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Day So Far

I am looking out of the window to see if any of my friends are out yet.

The sun is bright today.

This is Walter and Biggie at the dog park.
Walter is bigger than Biggie, but he (Walter) is a baby.
I do not know which is comparative or superlative.
I do not have to know. Haha.

I am high up and have got the ball. 
I will let Walter have it in a minute.

Gomez is biting Walter's ear. Elsie is watching.
Walter did not get hurt.

Have a good weekend.

ps. Walter was on TV. He is famous! I did not know that.
You can see it here


  1. Buster you are so high up in the first picture too - you must have very good eyes to be able to keep tabs on everything from way up there!

    That Gomez is very feisty for a little guy, isn't he?

    As always you look most handsome in all your pictures. Tell your mum we are SO glad she got a new camera ;)

  2. Hi Buster,

    Wow! Gomez does not fool around does he? That is the funniest and cutest picture I've ever seen! Wish we had a park like that.

    Riley and Star.

  3. It is good to have friends, isn't it Buster?

  4. Gomez is such a spud. One of my girlfriends in one such as he and if she likes you enough she will leave poop on the floor. My person does not like her presents much but I do.

  5. Gosh Buster, how lovely to have a life that does not require you to know which is comparative or superlative! Pat, pat.

  6. Hey there Buster,
    You have a great lookout spot there, lots to see on the street!
    Your pal,

  7. Buster, your blog makes me smile. And I like your stick...the one in the window sill.

  8. I'm glad Walter wasn't hurt, and that you have so many friends. I love reading your blog, and my puppies like to hear about it.

  9. Hello Buster,

    I am very sorry that I did not see your mom and dad when they came by the shop last week. I am even more sorry that it has been a while since I have seen you.

    This afternoon a dog came by the shop and I thought that you would want to know that dog. Each of you has a deep soul. It seems to me that not all dogs have deep souls.

    I am going to have some free time and hope that I might even get to see you at the dog park. Your mom and I will have to sort this out.

    Best wishes.

  10. Hi Buster,

    You are definitely the lookout dog... from high up at your window sill to the top of the block at the park.

    Gomez is really feisty for his size.

    Licks, hero

  11. I think you are superlative!!

    and very handsome in your window

    enjoy the beautiful weather

  12. Hey Buster. Thanks for putting some photos of me on your blog. I like pictures. Yesterday, after we played in the park, my dad put me in the car and then, when he was driving, I threw up everywhere.

    Don't worry, I'm okay now.

    Bye Buster


  13. Buster: I showed your blog to more of my favorite young people. They loved it. They were like the other young people. They fought over which one could choose the next post to read. You need to write a book like your mum.

  14. Message to Walter:
    Mum says: Poor Walter!
    Dad says: Poor Walter's Dad!!

  15. Glad no one was hurt! ;o) Looks like a fun start to your weekend, Buster... ((HUGS))