Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Think about Sharing

Yesterday I had a bath. They said I smelled bad.
I rolled over in the road. I thought I smelled nice.

Someone brought a tug toy to the dog park.
This is me and Milan and Bruno and some other guy.

This is Casey and Bruno and some other other guy.

Milan is a pitt bull and he is very, very big.
He is very nice, but I am not risking it.

So I walked home with Sidney and Walter.

We found a stick.

Now we are all sharing it.

Guess who took it home!
Have a good weekend.



  1. Oh Buster, sharing is very good, but it is also nice when the stick goes home with you, isn't it?

    Who is the wolf-guy? I hope he's not as wild as he looks!

  2. Hi, Buster!
    Wow! You won the stick! And you took it home!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Good boy, Buster! You shared! And you won the stick!!

  4. Hello Buster,

    Sharing is a wonderful idea, and mostly is a good idea to put into practice.

    Still, it is pretty wonderful to be the champion who takes that stick all the way home.

    When I was a little girl, we had a wonderful dog called Faro. We would give him a bath. He would wait a while and then head off to a nearby creek for a special rinse.

    Thank you, Buster, for bringing back this memory. I really loved Faro. xo

  5. Sticks are good. I like peanut butter. I, too, was just getting a nice aroma going and my person bathed me on thanksgiving day and washed it all away- it was a nice collection. I would never do that to anyone! Your pals- I like them.

  6. I think a good bath can be very relaxing, you do have very busy days

    It's wonderful that you have so many good friends

  7. I think that stick will be wonderful raw material for your next art project.

  8. oh to have dog that
    does stick

    or ball

    or fetch

    or even, come here.

  9. Will you be creating some art for us with your new stick? I love the look on your face and the way you are peeking around those legs in that 4th photo.