Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gomez and other People

This is my friend Gomez. He was a baked potato for Halloween.
Guess what?

This is Maximus. He is like Gomez but very little.
 He should be called Minimus. Haha! I made a joke.
He comes to play with us too.

This is Fritz. He is old. When it is cold he wears all sorts of clothes.
His mum made his hat. I am lucky. My mum does not knit much.

This is a new puppy at our park. I cannot remember his name.
Mr. Boo, I think. I will let you know.

This is my friend Bruno behind the bench.

Now he is trying to bite Benny's ear.

They have still got decorations up at the butcher's shop.
I wanted to go in, but I was not allowed.

I hope you are well.

ps. I have been nominated for "Excellence in Pet Blogging". I do not know why.
Maybe if you vote for me, I will get a prize. Maybe the prize will be something to eat.
Mum says lots of the blogs on my sidebar are better than mine, and I am not to get too
stuck on myself.
Vote here for me anyway.
Thank you from Buster.


  1. Buster, Good thing that they would not let you in to the butcher chop- do you know what they DO in there???I won't tell you, I will leave that for your mum...just know that it is not tail wagging good news for animals of another sort.
    I like your friends.
    Anairam has a doggie girl named SNOUS- you should see her! I think I am in love with her, what ever that is- I think it is romping and sniffing with each other.
    You and Gomez are in love.

  2. I love all your friends, Buster!
    And, Edward doesn't like clothes either.

  3. I am still laughing that your mum does not knit much so you don't have to wear a hat. You have a great coat and I love those rugged ears. Although, the photos look like it is a bit windy and chilly at the dog park this time. Hello to you and all your friends. You have an excellent pet blog. I hope you win!

  4. We voted for you are too cute and you are a great blogger!!


  5. Buster- you're not just one of my favorite pet blogs, you have one of my favorite of ALL blogs. Of course, I will vote for you

  6. Hello Buster, it was grand to see you last week. Everyone at the shop thinks that you are a top dog.

    I have tried to vote for you. Might have to try again after I have a good night's sleep.

    If you do need something knitted, and want me to offer encouragement to your mom, just say the word, or show me the special sign.

    Best wishes.

  7. You have many lovely friends at the park, Buster. I'll vote for you coz you totally deserve it.

    Licks, hero

  8. I am ready to vote for you as soon as the polls are open!
    I love sweaters but hats... oh-no!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Im ready to vote for you too Buster!!

    and you made two jokes!!
    the one about mum not knitting was funny in a very subtle way

    see that - now you're subtle :)

  10. Hi dear Buster!
    Did you know that Flora don't like clothes either?

    I went to the site and click on "My Life By Buster". But I have a questions: just clicking on your blog means that I did my vote?

  11. Congrats on being nominated Buster! I will vote for you....will you please let us know when the polls open? I like Fritz's hat and even tho I am a doxie who is always cold I'm glad my Mom doesn't knit either!