Monday, January 25, 2010

I am Marblized and I Do Not Beat up Walter

I went to someone's house. This is me in their lobby. Can you see me?

When Knutty came over we pretended to fight.

Then we went to the park and played with Flash.

Today is Gomez's birthday. He is two.
It is raining so we will not go to the park.

This is me chasing Walter.

I did not beat him up.
 This is what I have been doing lately, in case you are interested.


ps. If you like cool pictures of dogs, you will like Nancy Schutt. She is an artist. Mum found her pictures on Sedona's blog.


  1. Hey Buster, you really can camouflage well with the lobby marble flooring... a good place to hide from enemy... hehe. I like your tail, it really 'stand out' literally.

    Licks, hero

  2. Buster - I am glad you only play fight with your friends and don't really fight! Real fighting can be dangerous!

  3. Is being marblized like being immortalized? Your play fight with Knutty looks like it was fun.

  4. Hi Buster, you look so good in the looby and blend in well.

    I so enjoy reading about your adventures

  5. You are getting such long legs! I hope all the rowdyness doesn't bring too many things crashing down. It's fun to see you marbelized and having fun with your friends.

  6. Buster you're getting so tall and grown up thesed ay--all the better to chase with those legs! ;o) What fun you have... Say hi to your Mum for me! ((HUGS))

  7. your tail is looking totally splendiferous in these shots
    like royal plummage!!

  8. WUF- I want ot play ruff with you and your pals. I see twin yous in the camouflage of the marble hallway. Good hiding though!

  9. Gomez has such a great face...