Friday, January 8, 2010

Fun Stuff

This is me. I look funny.
Anyway, sometimes other people read my diary because I am famous.
A lady wrote to my mum. After she read about me she adopted a dog.

This is Maggie.
She looks just like me
She has the same boots as me!
She is the same fat as me. (45lbs).

She likes to lie on the sofa like me.
Maybe she is my long lost relative because she was adopted like me.

This is a bear Mum saw that  looks like Knutty.

This is a picture of me in Legos.
Adam made it from an app.
I do not know what an app is.

Hope you are having fun too.


  1. Hold onto your image and never Lego.

  2. Wow - I would certainly say that you have a long, lost sister there, Buster! Stay warm!

  3. Perhaps App is Applique? Now that will last for ever! You are so famous now! I suppose blue snow boots are very fashionable in the dog world - blue for a boy, I wonder.

  4. The dogs that run the Iditarod race wear booties like that Buster. Volunteers sew 100's of them so all the dogs can wear them. I have one that a dog wore in that race. It's called a souvenir.

  5. She's almost as good looking as you. It's nice that reading your diary inspired someone to adopt a dog. You're kind of an ambassador.

  6. Hi Buster! You're the most famous dog I know, but now I can say I'm a little famous because you shared your blog with me. It was very nice of your mum to show my pictures, even though one was of the silly boots. I know my mom and dad will show all their friends. Maybe I'll get an extra treat. I hope one day we can play together, but in the meantime I'll enjoy being your pen pal. I'm so glad I got adopted from that shelter, so thank you! Sniffs, Maggie.

  7. URF Buster- my brother COPPER, who was ill, says APP aPPP App all the time until somebody squirts him with water...but i do not know about lego app. You are my most famous friend, and the handsomest (so my person says)I am smelly, My person thinks it is awful but I like it, so do the ladies if you know what I mean...what ever happened to Apple? maybe her name is APP for short- like DEX for short...

  8. I am so pleased that your charming face inspired someone else to adopt, Buster!! You must be so proud of yourself, and you have reason to be!! Well done!

  9. We want to know how you do that funny thing with your tongue Buster.


  10. thank goodess
    you do not need to know
    what an app is
    2 B cute!


  11. thank goodNess
    you don't need 2 spell either....


  12. how cool that Maggie was adopted just like you

    you're an inspiration Buster
    and that is a good thing to be
    trust me

  13. What a cute Lego pikture of you! We don't have any Apps either, but we'd like a Lego picture, oh well...

  14. That's SO cool that the lady adopted a dog!

    You're growing so nicely, Buster. Getting bigger and bigger.

    I like the leggos picture of you, too.

    Tell mum to give you an extra treat on my behalf.

    Paz xoxo

  15. Buster-
    You are one dog gone swell dog.
    If I were outside on a walk and past you, I think I would have to stop for a good whiff.
    Bentley (pve's dog)