Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art and My Friends

Of late, my art career has languished.
The other afternoon I worked on Pizza Box, but my heart wasn't in it.
When spring comes I will get inspired again.

Knutty is feeling better. This is his Polar Bear imitation.

This is Knutty with a stick when we are going to the park.
I took the stick away from him but Mum made me give it back.

Flash has stood in front of Knutty.
He has cool ears.

This is Biggie and Millie. He loves her.

This movie of Knutty is only 3 seconds.....
so it is not too boring.



  1. You have the coolest friends...that Knutty is very talented!

    We love your art, we hope your inspiration comes back this summer!


  2. Our artistic endeavors have hit an all time low, since mewmie put a polarfleece wrap around all the toilet paper rolls in the bathrooms!

  3. Buster, I needed a smile today. Thanks!

  4. Know what you mean about lack of inspiration. Maybe a different colored pizza box...or a new flavor of stick. When the ground thaws there will be fresh dirt. Now THAT will be inspirational!

    It looks like Biggie and Millie are getting ready to accept their awards for Olympic tail-wagging :0)

  5. Every artist seems to take a break from tim eto time Buster - not to worry. Thanks for the movie - good barking!

  6. Hey Buster,

    We ant to vote for you but for the life of me ( pre coffee, that is) I cant find where to vote n that site..


  7. ohoh
    loved the short flick
    i was not bored one bit
    thank goodness.


    PS---all you guys look so happy
    and healthy
    i find this encourages me to go to the park
    myself daily.

    i do.

  8. We miss your artwork during this winter, Buster... hope your inspiration will come back soon. You have the most happening friends.

    Licks, hero

  9. Buster....that picture of Flash is so cute! Not cuter than you of course. Loved the video too! You have cool friends.

  10. winter is often a slow art season
    just keep looking for inspiration
    there is cardboard everywhere ya know

    I'm so glad Knutty feels better!
    hugs from me to all your friends
    and an extra hug to you Buster

  11. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for commenting on my Bliss blog. My, oh my, your Buster is such a goodlooking doggywog and sweet too. It's so nice to see that Buster has many, many friends. Tara wants to know if Buster wants to be her friend too.

    cheerio from the Netherlands,

    Tara and Yolanda

  12. Nice to see you working on art even if you aren't inspired currently. I loved that photo of Flash. He is a hound just like me! And Knutty's video! Oh my! He is gonna be famous soon!

  13. I loved your movie. I played it three or four times. It wasn't long enough!

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  15. Hello we send a message from Germany! Your friend Knutty is very cool!!

  16. Hi Buster. Thank you for not beating me up. If you did, I might point out that you wear funny boots in the snow. Hope to see you tomorrow.