Monday, May 25, 2009

Product Placement and Ruff Water

When I had finished the big bag of Old Mother Hubbard puppy biscuits,
I decided to eat the bag.

Pretty soon Mum took the bag away from me since she said
 it had No known nutritional value.  Maybe I could be in an advertisement.

Then we went for a walk and I learned more about puns.
"Ruff" is what dogs say and the sea can be it too.
I have never seen the sea.

Because it is getting hot, some people put out drinks for dogs.
I like to sample them.

I never get 'choice of entree'. I always get Science Diet.

On the way home we walked past the doggy day care
 and we saw this guy. He was asleep in the window.


  1. Oh Buster! I’m glad you live in a dog friendly place, with lots of nice drinking water.

  2. I like those bones too. But my favourites are the ones by Mother the carrot cake flavour. They come in an orange bag. I know cause I've seen it. People may think I'm colour blind, but I'm not really.

    I think you are growing up to be a real handsome dog, Buster, and I think you have neat markings. Being adopted is a great thing, isn't it??

    Best to you,

  3. your eyes look so beautiful in that second photo

    it's very nice that people put out water

    Science Diet is what I feed Mia and Siren, the cats, it is very good for you

  4. Dont listen to mum, Buster, tearing the bag up into a million bits is the best fun. Wait till she accidentally leaves a box of tissues out, then it will snow!

  5. You should send these photos to Old Mother Hubbard and maybe they will pick Buster for their advertisements!

  6. It is so nice that people put out water for dogs when it gets hot. I never knew they do that!