Thursday, May 28, 2009


A branch had fallen off a tree on 9th Avenue.
So I chewed it for a bit.

When we saw a shop with dog pillows, 
I noticed all the dogs had clothes on.
I do not have any clothes so I do not
think I can be on a pillow.

When we went past the doggy day care on 21st Street, 
we saw the same guy as last time. He was sort of awake.
I think he looks sad.

Then I saw a man with lots and lots of dogs.
Maybe ten dogs. He was talking on his cell phone.
How can he know to stop when someone has to?
If Mum and Dad are out, George walks me.
It is just him and me.

I saw this lady on 8th Avenue. She is from Ireland.
There are mostly pigeons round here.
This one is green.

When we got home, Dad played with me.

Look how scary I am from underneath!

This is me looking not scary. I did not want to upset you.
Love from Buster


  1. You have the sweetest smile Buster, and you are not scary at all.

    I often wonder the same thing when I see a dog walker with 10 dogs....and where was his poo-per scooper?

  2. Love to you too Buster. Pat, pat goes my hand on your head.

  3. You could never look scary
    I thought you were smiling, or maybe smirking a wee bit? ;)

    I hate dogs with clothes. They don't look like dogs. You can start your own line of pillows.

    Good night Buster - I absolutely adore you!

  4. Oh Buster- i want to kiss you on the lips!

  5. that shot from below is priceless.. hope there was no slobber

  6. Careful Buster,

    If you call one of those green birds a pigeon you risk ruff old feathers.


  7. Buster, I really like the way that you frolic!

    Best wishes.

  8. Love our blog Buster! I'll visit frequently. Your mom and dad are very col parents taking you everywhere. Nina and Lucy says hi all the way from Venezuela. :o)