Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Ponder my Future and have A Very Busy Day

This is IanDownTheHall. He is one of my friends.
He was going for a walk with his Papa and his dog Buck.

This is Fatty or one of her cousins. They are a big family
who all live around here and look at me. I am not friends
with them really.

Mum told me this monster is not real like Fattty and Ian are.
Some people have written to me to ask if I want to be a book writer
when I grow up. I do not know.


Mum took me to a bookshop so I could look in the window.

Then I saw a man with a really big motorcycle.
I saw a man with a helmet who builds things.
Perhaps I could be that too.

When we went to the dog park, there were lots of big guys there.

You can see how small I look.

I had to lie down when I got home.
I was plumb tuckered out.


  1. Hi Buster: Looks like you had a good day. Yay! Say hi to Mum and Dad for me and keep having fun days.


  2. What an action packed day for you! I hope your nap was super!

  3. you always notice all the great things around you! perhaps you'll be a reporter for Dog Fancy ;)

    IanDownTheHall is a cute friend to have, tell him I love his umbrella.

    And don't let the big dogs intimidate you - they're just mushy pups in big bodies.

  4. I see you are free to run around, or is that not keep off the grass, and stuff like that. I am sure you have grown since I last saw you - what do you like to eat, I wonder.

  5. wow, Buster - your friend iandownthehall is a very dapper dude - man big dogs at the park today!

  6. Buster, greetings from D'Ora! She also goes to dog parks, and when she was a puppy she was VERY MUCH afraid of all those big dogs there :)
    Nice weekend!

  7. Hello Buster,

    Maybe one day you might let us know more about what you dream about? Some people think that dogs dream about rabbits? Have you ever actually seen a rabbit?

    Best wishes!