Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More About Water. Big News From the Dog Park

Big news from the dog park. 
We have a swimming pool!

Duncan goes it it all the time.
He is a labrador. They like water a lot.

I did not swim that much. In fact I got out straight away.

There was a thing that squirted water too.
 It was hiding in the grass.

I tried to bite the water as it flew thought the air.

Then I got wet and had to shake myself.

As we walked home I saw part of a cake in a bicycle basket.
It was outside an art gallery.

My new bed is coming soon  from a place called
 Dad says I am a very modern and stylish sort of
 guy who knows about art and things. The fabric I chose
 is called URBAN ANIMAL. That is me to a 'T"
I will post a picture of me sleeping on it when it comes. 
love from 

Note from Mum: In addition to having modern dog beds, All Modern.com has a nice selection of modern furniture and home decor from brands like Knoll, Herman Miller, Blue Dot and Alessi.



  1. Wow! Buster, a swimming pool and a new bed all in one week! You are a very lucky boy.

  2. Hi Buster! What a great walk through the park! I liked your photos too! Have a great week!

  3. Biting water sounds like a fun game Buster.

  4. your park is very cool!
    I know a Lab who likes to swim a lot too
    He chases his human brother around their pool

    I think biting water is very good exercise
    How do you feel about rain and puddles?

    Your Dad is very right in the way he describes you

  5. LOL! Looks like you're having fun with the water.

    I'm going to check out allmodern for Menina. Thanks for the heads-up.


  6. Buster! you make me laugh so hard!