Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some of my Friends and Something about Hydrants

This is Marley. He is not pretty and he makes snuffling noises.
He is quite friendly and lets me look at his tongue.
He cannot run fast.

This is Phinny. Mum says he has a very expressive face.
He can run fast.

This is a girl I met at the dog park.
I do not know her name.

This is me pulling on my lead. I think this is funny.
Sometimes other dogs do this too.

This is a notice on a tree. 
 Mum says it is about where I'm allowed to wee.

Some people make little gardens round the trees.
No! Not here!

Here is better.

ps. Now I'm a big boy, Mum and Dad are getting me a real dog bed.


  1. Hei Buster!
    I like your pix and I love how you write your posts! Yes, you are getting big.....
    me too. I will be 2 years next Wednesday!
    Wish we could play; I love youngsters.
    ☀✿ ❤♪♫❃❀❋☀
    Leif Gizmo from Germany

  2. Buster you have the sweetest doggie face! I am glad that your mom explained about not messing up the little gardens!

  3. Hi Buster. You do have a lot of friends! I wonder if you will like your dog bed, or still prefer the furniture you grew up with – your chair and ottoman? You are such a good boy.

  4. Looks like hes blowing raspberries :)

  5. you have wonderful friends

    I am looking forward to seeing a photo of you in your 'big dog' bed!

  6. Buster, the picture of you pulling on your lead just makes me melt- you are too darn cute.

    I hope you like your big dog bed- and I hope its not something that you decide to turn into "art", like the magazines and the tennis ball.

  7. WOOF- Buster- my person is back! I thought she was dead but she is not! We have been going to many places I am so happy i throw up a lot. I like your doggie friends and your toys, specially the one bit on the bum- my favorite kind.You are hamsum!

  8. Hi Buster,
    My Mum loves me too and lets me wee wherever I want to, but she gets in trouble sometimes. Today I went to a new park where there were cool things to sniff and wee on. I came from a rescue place too and very soon I will be eleven.