Thursday, May 14, 2009

That Plastic Thing

I got hold of that plastic collar thing.

And I put my head inside it.

Then I carried it round the room.

Then I chewed it some more.
Dad says he is going to throw it away.
So I am now chewing a bit of wood.

p.s. I am feeling good. Thank you for asking.


  1. Buster,

    I am so glad that you are feeling well. My cats don't like those plastic collar things either - except to chew on!

  2. So pleased to hear you are feeling well; certainly well enough to play with your plastic thing.

  3. Buster, I'm glad you are feeling good and enjoying that fun chewy plastic thing!

  4. I bet playing with that thing is a lot more fun than wearing it around your neck!! I know my boys felt a bit like a space dog when they had to wear them, but they don't like playing pretend so it wasn't fun for them.

    Glad you are feeling better! :)

  5. I'm happy too that you're feeling good, I was thinking about you

    I bet you'll be glad to see that plastic thing go.