Friday, August 28, 2009

The End of our Paddling Pool

I have got mud in my eye.
Our paddling pool is all squished and not fat because I bit it.
Mum does not know how to fix it.

So what am I going to do now?

I will have to fight Jabby for the rabbit again.
Yesterday he took the squeaker and the stuffing out.
Then I took some more stuffing out.

This is Lulu who lives across the street.
Yesterday we went to the nature preserve again.
Pretty soon I will go home to the city. Maybe I will not like
 it because there is no mud there, but Dad says
 people have been saying: "Where's Buster?"

I hope you are well.
love from Buster.


  1. Summer camp always ends Buster. Its just a part of life. Being a dog, I know you know how to live in the moment, and make friends where ever you go. Pat, pat goes my hand on your head...

  2. The way you felt when the paddling pool went all kaflooey on you? That sadness and emptiness? That is how all the people in the city must be feeling with you gone away so long.

    There may not be as much mud in the city as you would like, but I have a feeling you will make your own fun wherever you go.

    Also, Fatty is lonely and misses you. She is a terrible squirrel, but she has feelings too!

  3. Hi Buster,

    Boy, you sure look handsome with all that mud! I like mud too and it's especially fun to bring the mud into the car for the ride home. But my Mommy always makes me wash it off for some dumb human reason.

    Sorry about your pool. I have a solid plastic blue one that you can swim in with me if you want to!

    Bwwwwfs from Emma

  4. WWWWOOOOFFF Lulu is a babe! She lookie like me! I am sorry your teeth made the pool limp- wolves have a way of doing that! I have an aligator that has velcrow sticking the sides together and inside are three squeeky babies! I love that toy- I have it all figured out.You should come to my house and get a bath - I have had two already today!

  5. some rich silly people pay for mud baths
    you're so ahead of your times Buster

    at least the pool lasted for most of your vacation

    NY misses you terribly

  6. Aaawww...pity about your paddling pool, Buster! Hope you can get a new one soon for more mud baths. We don't have pool, sorry to say, else you can come over anyway :o) Hi to you mum from me ((HUGS))

  7. Buster,
    I know how you feel cause just today my Mom had to sew up one of my favourite squeaky balls because my sister Apple was pulling the stuffing out. My Mom stuffed it back in and sewed it up. I don't know if that will work for a wading pool though.


  8. haha! love this. love the muddy pool. that's exactly how a pool should be : )