Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Country Life and Stuff that has been going on Round Here

Here is Joba on the back porch. 
Mum has propped the door open with a garden chair.
This is because we keep going in and out all the time.

Here is a  forest glade.
This is not stuff you put in the bathroom.
Me and Jabby were very glad(e) to be there.
This is a joke.

If you look really hard through the screen porch mesh,
you can see one of Fatty's skinny cousins from around here.
He is sneaking up on the house and casing the joint.

This is the rabbit I share with Joba.

When a boy in  high school football uniform came to the door last night,
 Mum gave him $20 for a book of coupons. 
This is to support the team.
She took it away from me.

When we were in the woods, we saw a tree with a face on it.
Mum added the red and black bits. It was better before.

I am still on vacation.
I hope you are well.



  1. Buster, you have quite a sense of humor. I love to see dogs smile.

  2. If you want Fatty's cousin to go away, just show him what you and Professor Joba did to that Rabbit. He will be gone in No Time!

  3. Oh Buster. You sure do know how to tell a good joke!Sounds like you are having a good time! Our cats here play the innie outie game too. And they caught a baby rabbit. I made them give it back to the mama rabbit. I gave the cats a toy mouse, but they still pouted.

  4. Buster- I went to the lake today and I thought ,"Buster would really like to run around here" but then i remembered you are in a fun run around place.Your Mum is thoughtful - the chair is a good idea. Coupons are not specially good to eat but the stuff that they can buy might be- We got a pig's ear once. The days are changing- I am not so hot when I run around, something is different...
    urf! Dexter

  5. Hi Buster, how do you like the country life so far? Have you been having a good time with Joba? The forest is a good place to play digging and squirrel chasing. You need to teach mom on the artwork bit.

    Licks, hero

  6. Dear Buster, you are certainly having a great time on vacation. It seems to have brought out your creative, artistic side! You and Joba make a good team.

  7. Hi Buster, glad you're enjoying your vacation and that you have taken care of showing Mum how to take care of the in/out process. Well done! Hope you like running around in the woods as much as I do.

    Bwwwwwf from Emma

  8. I like what your Mum did to the tree face, perhaps it will scare all of Fatty's cousins away

    I am so glad you are having such a wonderful vacation

  9. That book of coupons could have been your greatest masterpiece yet! So sorry it was taken away before you could get out all of your creative energy!

  10. manker aka the B&B dog would love to have you as a play date... you look like lotsa fun!!!

    gp and manker