Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some Thoughts on My Art

Some people have asked if there is art outside Manhattan.
My rely: Certainly!
This is the prototype for my temporary installation "Hole" 
When Mum saw this, she was so excited she rushed out and bought a fence.

Here I am conferring with my fellow artist
 and collaborator Professor Joba.
He is  listening carefully.
If he does not do what I say, I will bite him.

 "Hole #2"is underneath where the paddling pool was.

Sometimes, instead of helping me, Joba
 does his individual performance pieces
like "Amorphous Furry Blob."
 Mum documents his art as well as mine;
 I do not think this is strictly necessary.

This is us indoors.
This is not art: it is us both wanting the same stuffed rabbit.

I am having fun on my vacation.

Love from 


  1. Your art is absolutely inspiring . . . to purchase fencing! I don't know that everyone would appreciate your particular brand of art, Buddy, so you had better be careful about where you put a piece!

  2. I guess a lot of the joy of art is in the doing. It looks like Mum had to make a few sacrifices--as it true with the families of most artists.

  3. Hi Buster,

    I like your art a lot. we have similar taste in art. I had a piece I once created much like yours entitled, "Small Ditch That Mommy Didn't See While She Was Walking and Twisted Her Ankle". My Mommy feels the need to assist me with my art, however, and she filled up the hole after I went inside.

    I did not think that was strictly necessary either.

    Hugs and Bwwwwfs from Emma

  4. The Hole installation was a successful piece I would say... and looking forward to your next installation. Special mention to Joba's Amorphous Furry Blob too but he has lots to learn from the art master.

    Licks, hero

  5. I do believe you are 'taking the mickey' (spoofing) most of the time, dear Buster! Yes, art can be anything, and that last photo IS art - you can send it to a new meme I have read about called (http://) !

  6. Are you sure Buster isnt related to Andy Goldsworthy's dog?
    I had so many chuckles over this. Baxter is very impressed with the series Buster is building.

    He showed his appreciation with an installation entitled: "rummage" in my knit bin.

  7. Hello Buster,

    It is so great to see what you are accompishing while at camp.

    I think that Joba and you might be on the same wavelength. Many artists have shared spaces and produced fantastic art. Some of this art was done in the open air, and some was done indoors.

    Please do not let your mom see that last sentence.


  8. I love the photo where you and Professor Joba are inspecting the progress of your art

    I have shown this to the cats, they gave it mean looks

    I think I have discovered that the mean looks = artistic differences

    keep having fun

  9. Nice installation, Buster! Keep up the good work!
    Your pal,

  10. You made us all laugh here this morning...did your mom tell you the fence was to protect your art? Wily humans. We cats did our own art installation this morning, Charmin in Shreds in the guest shut the door "protecting" our installation, too.

  11. I am so glad you are having fun on your vacation. It looks like you have got lots of room for digging. Make sure Joba remembers who is boss!

  12. You are an ARTIST, Buster!
    Now wonder mum bough a fence to protect your marvelous creation ;)

  13. Buster, I love hearing about your artistic achievements. That you have chosen installations as your mode of expression seems so appropriate, because installations are so popular in Manhattan, especially in the summer, but you probably all ready know that. You are an inspiration.