Thursday, August 6, 2009

Much as Usual, New People and Troublesome Things

This is a new boy called Bodi who just moved into our building.
When he is a bit bigger, I will be allowed to play with him.

When I was playing at the park yesterday, I met this
 puppy, and the big one is another Buster.
I know 4 other Busters. I'm glad my name is popular.

This cat on 22nd Street is only giving me a semi-mean look.

As you can tell, Fatty is back. She is so fat
 she does not fit in her squirrel underpants any more.
She just looks at me and looks at me.

There is a place for extra lessons near Petland Discounts.
They had balloons. It said, "Let your child amaze you."
I do not know what I can do that is amazing. 
I will have to learn something.

love from



  1. Buster- you don't have to learn anything to be amazing. You have a blog, you meet new people and dogs every day, you're an artist and you make me smile- you ARE amazing.

  2. Your cute little nose is pretty amazing! And you can chew up a bird in 20 minutes....truly amazing!

  3. I was speaking of the toy bird, not a real one. Don't want to scare anyone!

  4. Your art projects.
    The fact that you can read that sign.
    Your being so tolerant of the terrible Fatty, even tho she is so fat and looks at you so much!
    That face you have that can probably get you out of any trouble or scolding.

    ALL pretty amazing!

  5. I agree with Beth - you are amazing and don't need to learn to be so - it comes natural to you

    so many new friends!! you're very lucky

  6. Hi Buster. You are one amazing person/dog!

  7. Hello Buster,

    I think your new neighbor looks like fun. Hoping that he gets bigger quickly, so that you all can play.

    And as far as amazing, maybe that learning center needs you on their faculty, to show others how to be as amazing as you are. Have you considered adding professor to your resume?

    Best wishes!

  8. I also think you are amazing just the way you are Buster!!


  9. Fatty is pretty- I like fatty- my squirrel got squished on the road- we found him being crow lunch. The birds are glad because now they get all of the sunflower seeds.
    My person said that "amazing" is your middle name so I wouldn't even try if I wuz you- just BE Buster and everyone will say "What an amazing pooch!"
    I knew another Buster one time- he was not amazing- he was horrid - he killed all of our baby pigs-he fought with other dogs- he wandered into other houses and ate stuff...he is probably chasing my squirrel in the nutherland right now!
    You are the right sort of BUSTER and must bring dignity to the name to undo the Buster of badness. That is your mission...

  10. "...she does not fit in her squirrel underpants any more." That is HILARIOUS, Buster!

    "I do not know what I can do that is amazing." Oh, but don't you know--you're amazing as you already are, sweet one. :o)

    But you are quite the man about meet everyone! Hope you & your mom have a great day ((HUGS))

  11. hi buster i am daisy mae and i like your style

    sniff sniff,
    daisy mae

  12. Hello Buster,
    Your walk is very colorful and fill with characters... I love to see pics of your life too. You are amazing just being Buster.

    Licks, hero.

  13. Buster - you are so lucky to have such great friends. I'll bet you enjoy playing with all the Busters - and your Mom likes the fact that she can let the other moms call you!

  14. How funny, Buster! Girl Twin and Boy Twin used to go to Kumon for extra math help, and they hated it so much now "Kumon" is like a four-letter word to them (or as Lorenza in Mexico likes to say, an HBO-word!).
    Have a great weekend. Wasn't today's weather simply glorious in NY?
    Your pal,