Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weird Stuff and Camp Back Yard

This is a poster on 8th Avenue for some sort of floor. 
Mum says the picture looks like me.
But it is not me.

A lady with a dog near London Terrace.
She has blue nail polish.
This is another of the dogs whose hair fell off.

 IanDownTheHall is showing me a car.
This is in my house.

This is Ian reading me a book. 
We are on the street, but we feel comfortable anyway.

This is Camp Back Yard. This is my cousin Joba.
When we were driving here, we had to stop at
 a 'scenic overlook' so Mum could throw
 out some bath towels and stuff.
Going in the car upsets my stomach.
One day I will grow out of it.
I hope so anyway.

love from


  1. I'm so sorry you got car sick
    my little sister used to do that when I was a kid, and she always threw up on me!

    imagine that

    have a wonderful time Buster

  2. Poor Buster (and poor Mom!)! I am sorry that car rides upset your stomach. I certainly hope you grow out of that.

    Besides the stomach problem - it looks like you had a fun time.

  3. Hello Buster,

    Sorry about that car ride. Looks like you and Joba are going to have lots of fun at camp. Splashing is great on hot summer days.

    Best wishes.

  4. My dog threw up in the car right into my purse. All I had to do was fish out my wallet and checkbook and throw everything else away. He had very good aim. He grew out of it, and you will, too.

    It looks like you and IanDowntheHall have a streetside book club with a nice mix of people and dogs.

  5. That is one weird dog, the one without the hair and person with the blue toe nails, weird. Buster, used to get carsick, and really this continued until I started to drive, so your mum had better get you driving lessons.

  6. Buster Buddy- I up -chuck ALL OF THE TIME- but my most impressive up- chuck was when my person took me in a shopping cart and spun around the aisles too fast- BIG SPEW! All over the place- my person was not pleased very much but you would have thought "well done,wrf!"
    I want to go to camp backyard. I would bite the wet stuff and then I would bite the plastic. I would probably be taken away and my person would make that face...her eyebrows go down.
    I don't much like the pooch with funny hair but I do like the shoes his person is wearing- they look like they need to be shaken and torn to shreds. I would like to do that too.
    I am happy today- I get to go with my person to a place where she has a bowl of something and I get a biscuit. Everyone there pets me and says "good boy"...
    Bye Buster- wrf!

  7. Buster, I get carsick too if I am in the back seat. It makes me dizzy and pukey. Don't feel bad.

    I like your pool! You sure have some weird looking dogs in New York. I like Knut. He looks as handsome as you do.

    Bwwf from Emma

  8. Hi Buster,

    I would love to come visit you one day, if only we lived nearer. The back yard pool must be fun. Don't worry, you will grow out of tummy upsets in the car eventually.

    Licks, hero

  9. Stay in that pool, Buster! The August doldrums have hit us here in NY and it's baaaaaaaaaad...I only want to hang out in my pool, too!
    Your pal,

  10. We all like reading your doggie friends comments...gives us a different perspective than all cat chatter and your friends are very naughty, too...