Saturday, August 8, 2009

Green Market

When Dad picks me up outside the elevator door, I look silly.

Anyway, when we were buying peaches at Union Square Green Market,
I saw some dogs that did not have any fur on.
Only on their heads and tails. I have not seen this before.

Then I met a regular dog. He was 13. His dad asked Mum
 if I eat stuff off the ground. She said yes, when I get the chance.

Then I looked at the flowers.
We did not buy any.

This is me with my purple squeaking thing which looks like me.
When it rolled under the sofa, Dad said, thank heavens for that.
Later on Mum got it out.

love from


  1. Hei Buster,
    what a lovely post again; love all the pix...especially the no-hair-dogs...funny...think they are from China.
    I would not like to be without fur though!
    But today it would have been a relief as it was very hot. Now it is eve in Europe and a little cooler, so I hope I can sleep.....ugh!
    Wishing you a super Sunday!
    Gizmo and family

  2. Our mom checks your site every day. We think you are cute. There are 3 of us girls and we think you are very cute. Mom enjoys seeing what you are up to in the big city. We live in a small town so our adventures are different then yours. You look like you are having fun!
    love from,
    Sadie, Annie and Maggie

  3. Hi, Buster,

    Looks like you are enjoying life.
    Blessings, andrea

  4. Buster, my Mommy usually takes away my squeaky toys...and my Daddy finds them for me...


  5. Hello Buster,

    I went to that same greenmarket this afternoon, and met some friends. I am sorry not to have seen you or your mum there.

    Forget about those dogs with the odd hairdo's. Stick with the 13-year-old who surely knows a thing or two about the streets and sidewalks of our fair city.

    What did I buy at the greenmarket? Super ripe tomatoes, tiny zucchini, Italian parsley and a rosemary plant.

    When I got home, I drew pictures of that rosemary plant. As a fellow artist, I thought that you might be interested. Please do take care with those squeaky things.

    Best wishes.

  6. What a very exciting day you had in the city! Those Chinese Crested dogs look like little ponies to us! We have our favorite cat slobbery toys, too.

  7. Hi Buster, those furless dogs must find it cold during winter, huh? I have a squeaking toy too... and somehow rather, I don't get to play with it often, me wonder why?

    Licks, hero

  8. A Mum will always climb under the sofa and dig out the toys!
    Siren and Mia constantly lose their little mice and I must go on a rescue mission

    Looks like it was a great trip to the market

  9. Keep having fun with your purple squeaking thing. ;-)


  10. HI ya Buster I just adore you and your blog! I will be back and read it to my dog PeterPan who prefers Pete.

  11. That purple squeaky thing looks like a lot of fun - for you. I am sure it drives Mom and Dad nuts!