Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Think About Noses

Noses are useful to sniff with. They are useful for finding stuff
 like where other dogs have peed and bits of pizza crust.
I have a regular nose.

Rufus has a super-duper, gigantic pink nose.

Chio's nose is lovely. She has an elegant profile.
That is Benny and Gomez in the background.

Gomez does not have a profile that I can see.
I do not know what happened to his nose.
Maybe it got smushed.

My friend Knutty has the best nose in the world. I am jealous of it.
It is very long and has a Roman curve to it.


  1. The nose knows Buster. Happy Day to you.

  2. I like the gallery of noses. You just have to love the diversity in our world!

  3. Buster, your blog is outstanding. As is your nose. I showed your blog to some Very Important Young People in my life. They laughed and wanted to see all your posts. They LOVED your art work, especially Hole and Sports Section on Velvet. The got in a fight about who could choose the next one to see from the linkwithing boxes at the bottom. We almost missed an important appointment because of the dispute. Tell Ewix I have her book in hand and am thrilled. More about that later.

  4. Hi Buster,

    You are right, Rufus and me has similar noses and his pinky nose is cute. You have so many friends and I wish I can join you to play Buster.

    Licks, hero

  5. Hi, Buster!
    Pawesome noses!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Hi Buster,

    Good post on noses! We would send you a picture of our mommy's nose but you might faint! She broke it two weeks ago and we still don't recognize her!

    Riley and Star.

  7. Lovely noses, all. But yours is still my favourite, Buster!!

  8. Buster, what would we do without our noses to help us find food? I am not dressing up for Halloween this year but there is a contest going on if you would like to have your mom take your picture so you can enter it. I would absolutely love to see you in your bee costume! I hope you win the contest! I will let you know if I see another contests.


  9. Now dont be getting all thingy about your nose...

    dogs dont have body dysmorphic they?

  10. Hey there, Buster: All very interesting noses. Yours is the best-looking. ;-)


  11. Nosy, nosy, nosy...I could kiss all those sweet nose, especially yours, Buster! :o) ((HUGS)) to you & your mum!