Monday, October 19, 2009

A Busy Weekend

This first picture is old. I'm going in for a smile
 competition from Dory's blog.
I am a baby in this picture.

On Saturday I went shopping with Mum.
Mum's friend Frances works at this shop
 and they have dog biscuits.

There are a lot of mirrors.

I heard that sometimes arty pictures are in black and white.
This is me and Dad's feet. This art work is "Europe, Ha!"
Mum said in a travel magazine there was a contest and
 she had a one in four thousand chance of getting a free trip
to Belguim. Now she can stay home and take me to Dog Park.
love from 


  1. Buster-

    I think your smile should win! You look so adorable in that shot!

    Glad to see that you aren't neglecting your art even though you are busy looking in mirrors and getting treats!

  2. Buster, you have such an entertaining smile! I hope you win. Good job on preventing that Europe trip from happening!

  3. Hi Buster, You must be extremely well behaved to be able to go into stores with your Mum. It must be that smile that opens doors for you!

    Bwwwwfs from Emma

  4. You just made my day Buster! I burst out laughing at your title "Europe, Ha!" I may chuckle all day about that.....

  5. oh matter what is going on, you can always bring a smile to my face! You are an amazing boy!

  6. Buster, not only do you have the sweetest doggy smile, but you always make me smile, too.

  7. :D smiles back to you, Buster. Your latest collage is amazing. Maybe Mum can sell it and take EVERYONE to Europe.

  8. Oh Buster, you're no fool! If my mom was trying to get to europe without me, I would certainly make some art to keep her home too.

    You are so adorable when you were a baby, and now you are so big and handsome ... as you saw in all those mirrors.

    I just love you, you silly little artist xo

  9. Hei Buster!
    You are a big boy now, but I think your baby snap is cute and your smile is sweet.
    Though I also like how you look on that b/w pic; what a cute, astonished face you make....
    Love from
    Gizmo and mum
    in Europe!

  10. Oh Buster you were such a sweet pup- no wonder you've turned into such a handsome boy,

    Europe Ha is a great name for a piece of art.

  11. You are a handsome fellow, but your puppy picture has to be among the cutest of all time!

  12. Hello Buster,

    It was grand to see you on Saturday! Everyone in the shop thinks that you are a perfect gentleman. (That might mean extra biscuits! Do not let your mom know about that)

    Yes, I agree that your puppy portrait is a winner, yet think that as you've grown, you're becoming even more suitable for photo ops.

    Best wishes.

  13. Hi, Buster!
    Your smilling picture is beautiful!
    Good luck at the contest!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Buster, that picture of you is the cutest thing I have seen in ages! You were even cuter as a pup than you are now. I didn't think you could get any cuter. Good luck in the contest. Lots of furiends are entering it so it will be fun.

  15. We love your smiley picture!!! We also love your artwork! It is always good to keep the Mama in line.


  16. Hi Buster,

    That's a good impish smile you have there... and you get to go to Frances' shop to have biscuits, wow, I would like to follow you if I could.

    Europe, Ha! The price of staying with an artist.

    Licks, hero

  17. Haha! Oh Buster.. you just crack me up. You are so sweet and adorable! :o)

  18. Hey Buster,
    My mumis always whinging on about not being able to travel because of me, so why dont you see if we can swap mums?

    My mum can take you to the dog park and your mum can take me.... That will shut them up.

  19. I love your baby picture and your sweet, sweet smile

    and your B&W is most definitely a work of art

  20. Buster, Buster, Buster,

    You little brat!

    You conquer everyone with that smile :)

  21. So handsome, you.


  22. OMG Buster I've just seen this post and your baby pic is the cutest thing ever - I hope your parents have this framed and on show. Melt your heart stuff. You cutie you.