Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ugo and the Cats

This is me looking out of the window to see if any of my friends are around.
If Bodi is there, I can run down and hang out with him.

This is Ugo. He is very, very big and he drools.
Mum said to be nice to him.

His eyes are very little, but he is a very important kind of dog.

In the evening, IanDownTheHall came over and we played for a bit.

I let him play with my stuffed lion that the stuffing came out of.
He preferred the boxes.

Today I went to the vet to get weighed.
I weigh 40lb 9oz.
Mum got some pills so I am not sick in the car.
These cats were at the vet.

love from


  1. Hi Buster - Nice to see IanDownTheHall. He is a good friend to play with I see. You look taller to me....

  2. Hello Buster,

    Over 40 pounds? Wow, you are really growing up.

    I like that view out your window. I imagine you can also hear lots of sounds through the window.

    Now that it is fall, is your squirrel pal Fatty really on super acorn patrol? Do you think that Fatty has any idea where he/she is burying those acorns?

    Best wishes to you and to Ian down the hall. He does look like fun.

    (Not sure that I would want to get too near that big dog that drools.)

  3. Hi, Buster!
    I'd love to have a window like yours!
    40 pounds?? I am half your weight!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Hey Buster,
    My mum spent $430 on me a few weeeks ago... she must love me alot.

  5. that kittie wants to shake paws :)

  6. Does Ugo have eyes? You're getting so big, Buster! I hope Ian doesn't start thinking he can ride on you.

  7. UGO looks like he slept on the heater, melted...his people shouldn't let him do that. You have an upturned nose HAHA -like Kevin Bacon (LOVE his name!) And you are double jointed - my legs are too short to do that turn back thing that you can do.

  8. Ugo and Iandownthehall are both real cute!! I am not sure about those cats!


  9. Buster - those cats at the vet's office seemed to really like you! What kind of dog is Uggo? He sure is wrinkly!

  10. We came to visit our favorite doggie blog today cuz it had cat in the title, but as always, your doggie news entertained us the most! Those kitties are cute in their cat condos (and how nice you went to the vet's for something good, like just a weigh-in...

  11. Hi Buster: You get car sick? So sorry to read about that.

    Forty pounds? You sure are growing well.

    I like your photo in the first picture. Nice shot.

    Hope you found more of your friends to play with.


  12. Hi Buster,
    I am so relieved to learn I'm not the only one with kinky ear hairs! I have the same kind as you & will post about it & borrow your pic too :-)
    Ugo looks like he could eat your for breakfast! Watch out!
    Your pal,

  13. I love your portrait taken by your mom at the top of the page. The other portraits of your friends are good, too, but I like yours best. I am catching up with my contacts and am going to add my name to your followers list. See you around!

  14. Buster,
    You look so lovely looking out of the window... Really I would love to meet your in person... maybe someday....

  15. Oh Ugo is so handsome! You would be lucky to get his slobbers on you.