Saturday, October 24, 2009


Yes, it was me that did this. 
The rosemary plant was very, very small.
You will not miss it.

These are people making funny faces.
 Apple wants to play with Luna.
I do not know what the other dog is saying.

The tree is wearing army guy stuff.
Benny has got a coat like that.
I am in the background on my rock.

These leave are wet.

This is what I look at when I walk.

This dog is going in a car. He has got his seat belt on.

This is me near a fence.
Have a good weekend.


ps I just got a parcel in the mail!
I wonder what's in it?


  1. It's been awhile since I visited you Buster --you're all grown up!

    I brought my rosemary plant inside today and my cat rolled around in its fallen needles as if they were cat nip! Such a funny sight!

  2. Buster, it was so thoughtful of you to get rid of that pesky rosemary plant. No-one likes a plant that is too small! It's an outrage and I am sure your mother is very very grateful to have that plant gone.

  3. Hi Buster, you are so funny! "The tree is wearing army guy stuff." LOL!
    Have a nice weekend my dear!

  4. Hey Buster Boy, that is one cool camo-tree!
    Did you stay nice & dry today? My human was supposed to go to Central Park today.
    Your pal,

  5. Hi Buster,

    Did you get in trouble with your latest art work with the rosemary plant? It's fall in NYC, huh... with all those leaves on the ground... it's my favorite season. Wish we have it here.

    Licks, hero

  6. now what did that small plant do to deserve that? are you venturing into organic art installations?

    I love the fence shadows on your beautiful face

  7. Buster, how sweet you are! Is that rosemary complete gone? whoops...hehhe... The camo-tree is beautiful. Autumn in NYC looks like such fun. Happy Days, sweetie... and ((HUGS)) to you & yours mum. :o)

  8. Buster, you always make me smile. I would love to see New York in the fall. Thanks for showing me some of it!

  9. Ahhh, Buster! Mom and Dad might not like you doing the gardening unless you learn to sweep as well!

  10. The first photo of your rosemary art is devine! Well done, you! I think that I know what the parcel is that is coming to you...I think it is a stick.
    My person is reading to me at night- it is a really great story about Jane- she can only read a little because she drops off to sleep- we are camping in the living room because the rest of the house is flooded- my person is cranky...I love you, I love Jane, I love art, I love your mum!
    Dexter (I am getting a haircut today, and a chewin's)

  11. Maybe branching out into landscaping?

    We just bought Baxter $100 worth of new lawn to landscape. Cant wait to see what he creates with it.

  12. We see you have an autumn art installation...small, won't be missed, HaHaMeow.

    We think the doggie faces are funny, wonder what they are saying.

    There's lots of wet leaves here too, but our mewmie won't let us out on the deck to sniff them, but if any come in the house, stuck to shoes, we eat them and then make our own artwork...upchuck