Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Party

This is Mum and me at the party.
Kit took this photo. Mum is wearing my antennas because I did not want to.


I am in a hurry to get to our party.

Knutty was there. He is a cave man. He did not like his wig.

Biggie was a devil for a little bit til his collar-thing fell off.

Shio was Robin Hood. I am biting his feather.

Benny was a biker but you cannot see it much here.

Hee HEE. Gomez was a baked potato.
 Haha. He has got butter on him.
It is not real butter so we could not eat it.

He has got chives on too.

Ting made decorations. They were pretty.
I am running and running.

Gomez got to wear two costumes. He is a lion.
You cannot eat lions.

Then I wanted the same ball as Benny.
We had goodie bags from Gomez's dad.
Mum bust her camera.
Then I went home.

Happy Halloween

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  1. Mum bust her camera? Oh no! How will you blog? Other than that it seems like it was a great party!

  2. Buster, you looked bee-utiful..and Gomez as a baked potato lion? Priceless! You have some very good looking friends! Sorry to hear about Mum's camera.

    Bwwwfs from Emma

  3. HI Buster,

    Great Party and wonderful and very creative costumes! That looked like a real baked potato!

    Riley and Star.

  4. Buster,
    You and your friends are to cute!
    Lync has no idea whats going to happen tonight at our house. He hardly ever barks, do you think he will with all the ghost and goblins stopping bye looking for candy? It should be interesting.

  5. Oh Buster, let your party continue! Party on is what some folks say. I will let you find your own way to celebrate.

    Gomez as a baked potato is pretty wonderful from the photos. What do you think that Gomez made of this costume?

    What did you think of your costume? Buster = bee?

    Please do let your mom and dad know that I am sorry not to have seen them today! xo

  6. OH NO...Not a camera bust??!!

    You are a very cute bee Buster!


  7. Hi, Buster!
    Sure you and your friends had a pawesome Halloween celebration!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Hi Buster,

    You look super cute in your bee costume... with queen bee having the antenna... BOL. That's a fun party you have there, wish I could join you too. Did you see Rufus at the party?

    Licks, hero

  9. Oh No!! Mums's camera!! maybe wearing antennea is not good luck
    I hope the camera can be fixed

    you looked wonderful Buster and all your friends too

  10. Hi Buster, sounds the party was so fun! Love the photos and you as always is just cute!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  11. Oh no not a broken costumes though.....

  12. Was that "Buster Camera" not bust her camera? I think that is funny. My person finished reading Jane in Winter to me last night and we specially loved Jane's life and felt so sorry for Ida, who is very like someone we know.My person said that if this is a book for children we must be children- we loved it and wanted more...
    Dexter Woofnagle

  13. Buster you and your Mum are the Bee's Knees! I love to see you so busily running around having your fun.

    But I am very very concerned about this camera business. I hope that doesn't interupt the blogging! I love to hear what you have to say, but it wouldn't be the same without your funny handsome face :(

  14. You had more fun at your party than our mewmie did at hers. She said she loved the baked potato...oh, and the Bee, of course!

  15. What an excellent party! You make a twixerific bee Buster. That baked potato sure was funny. Thanks for sharing your photos with me. I didn't get to go to a party so I felt like I was there with you.

  16. What a party! Your momma looks great with those antennas.

    I'm surprised you didn't eat Gomez...don't you like chives ? ;)

  17. BUSTER! My person has chosen a word for word week with YOU in mind beause of one of your many talents. If you want to play go see her and leave a woof.

  18. Buster-your friend as a baked potato is hilarious. I wonder what inspired that costume. You are very cool in your bee oufit.

  19. These smiles are going to last me the rest of the week, Buster!!! Hope your mom's camera is okay.

  20. Hi Buster, you looked great in your costume! What a fun doggy paw-tay! I liked the baked potato the best.
    Your pal,

  21. well I've just wiped up the coffee that spewwed allover the screen after seeing the gomez potato..

    that is the best...