Thursday, October 22, 2009

Old Navy and a Box

We went to Old Navy yesterday.
There was this dog near the door.

I was a little bit scared of it.

This is me with the raw materials for my new project.
They sent it from Frances' shop with a coat in it for Mum.

I started to work, but then I had to think for a bit.

Details. Note puncture marks.

This is me shaking the box. 

I am calling it "UNtitled/UNbox #63"
Dad said, "Should I sweep this up,
 or do you think he wants to work on it some more?"
What do you think?



  1. I think you have done all you can with that piece of art and you need to move on

    your work is fluid, it can not be contained. it happens, it is photographed and then the time comes for a new piece

  2. Hei Bister,
    I especially LOVE the punctures!
    Go on with working on some artprojects...
    Love from Europe
    Gizmo and mum ****

  3. Good for you, Buster. You let someone else sweep up after you. The mark of a true artist.

    And don't feel bad, I would have been afraid of that strange, still dog at Old Navy too!

  4. Hey Buster..maybe you should work on that art just a bit more...the puncture marks add a lot!!


  5. I don't think I like the Old Navy Dog either. He looks a bit stiff and unfriendly.

    As for the Unbox looks finished.

  6. No wonder you were a bit frightened of the Old navy dog- it is DEAD! I like your work, specially the toothy bits. I got a present for you yesterday My person will send it as soon as she can find another box for you to art.

  7. If every artist had such supportive parents think what the world would be like Buster. Pat, pat.

  8. Hey Buster -- your Mum left a comment on my blog and it led me here. So glad I found you! You are one handsome puppy (and very talented too!)

  9. Hello Buster,

    I am so happy to see that the box might have inspired more of your art, and so hope that the sealing tape did not divert your artistic attention.

    Please do beware of Old Navy ... who knows what kind of biscuits they've got.

    Hoping to see you again soon. Bring your mom along, too. xo

  10. It is finished. I see there is a lighthouse in the middle of it! You are building an important portfolio, for a dog. I can see the last one printed out and framed, already.

  11. Your art never disappoints!!! i think you just about finished IT!

  12. the action shots are great..

    like a Jackson Pollock with cardboard.

  13. Oh, Buster! I wish I could be just like you. You are such an inspiration. You get to go to Old Navy? I've never been in any store except the pet stores. Do you think that dog's name is Navy? It looks so Old and stiff with arthritis!

  14. By the way, am I the only one who noticed the girls legs behind the Old dog? She needs some help with her brown boots! Or is that a new style?