Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dog Park, Evil Fatty, Benny and a Bike

My sister let Benny sit on her lap. She will be sorry. Benny drools.

Gomez is doing a trick with a hat.
I am watching.

When it is home-time, Benny rides on a bike.
 Knutty wants to go on the bike but he is not allowed.

Evil Fatty and her tribe are all over causing trouble.
Here she is in the tree next to my house.

Here she is on a building down the road.
The picture underneath this is me with my new chew toy from England.
 Adam bought it for me and it is very big

ps my mum is trying to put up the link for my friend Walter when he was on TV. The link works now. He was a party animal! 



  1. WOOP! Great to see the friends that you have- the basket ride is a pretty picture but I don't thing the wire-ness of it would be comfy, do you? We watched the pups in costume, I would not do well on that show, I would bark at the lady and make her say "shush"...
    My boy and I were on tv one time- CNN news, but it was not about people killing stuff it was about the Doggie Diner where I used to go everyday. It went away but I still know which door it is and I wag at it and want in. Fatty is a pretty girl.
    My person said that when I pee in the sunlight it looks like glitter- what is glitter? You would know these things, I am pretty sure...

  2. Dear Buster,

    I used to have a brother named Buster too.
    He was a beagle, he liked to chase Big Fatty's
    all the time. I like your blog and like to see
    your friends and hear their stories. I am a lab/greyhound/coonhound mix and I have two beagle brothers and one beagle sister. We are all pet rescue's too.

    We think you are cool!


  3. It is fun to meet your family and get to know your friends(and those evil fatty squirrels). It is also fun to see how Benny gets to the dog park. It looks like he loves to ride!

  4. Buster, your doggy friends are so cute. And that Evil Fatty is the fattest squirrel I've EVER seen!

  5. How cool was that to see your furiend on Martha's show, Buster! He was so cute.
    Your pal,

  6. oh no
    not Evil Fatty!
    stay clear away from his nuts, buster.
    take warning...


    off to follow that link...

  7. what's a little drool among friends!

    you toy from England is very impressive

  8. Hi Buster, there's a lot of entertainment going on in your NY dog parks! I admire your brave friend Benny - I would NEVER ride on a bicycle, I definitely prefer to walk on my own legs!!
    What an interesting chew toy you have! It seems not to be made from buffalo skin ??? Also that big fat Fatty squirrel makes me curious. I'd love to try to catch it!
    Have a nice weekend, Buster, greetings to your mom, hugs, D'Ora from Vienna

  9. What a nice big gift you have! Fatty and her friends are all over, aren't they? ;-)


  10. Buster, my man. I saw your friend Walter on Martha Stewart. There was a lot of dog breath stinking up that studio on that particular show wasn't there? Love & Licks, your friend Cowboy

    My mom says I'm a VERY rare breed called a Brooklyn Brown Dog. I was found wandering in our old neighborhood. I'm a lucky dog now.