Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Biggie's Big Day and Some Curiosities

This is all of us at the dog park. Mia and me and Flash and Benny and
Knutty and Sparky and Biggie.  Treats are being given out. We will do anything for food.

This is Biggie. He is one today. He is not as old as me.

This is me and Knutty on our rock.

Mia is wearing Burberry. Well sort of.

This is Casey.

This is  Cody who was not at the party.
He lives in Piermont.

Sometimes I like to smoke a cigar.
The snow is almost gone now.

I hope you are having a good week.


  1. You have such marvelous friends, Buster! I must say, you have grown into quite the handsome boy! And I love Mia's coat! A girl can never go wrong with Burberry. Even if it is an "almost".

    Edward is rather blue today. We had a huge snowfall this morning, but now the rain has arrived to wipe it all away!

  2. Love seeing you on your rock!
    Your first friend Casey looks like a little my friend Flora.
    (((Kisses and Hugs)))

  3. I think its great that you and Knutty are such good pals.

  4. What a fabulously attractive and diverse gang.
    Does Disney need some real-life doggie models?

  5. It looks like a fun puppy party!!!

    I can't believe all your snow is gone!


  6. Biggie- he has a name that makes my person laugh every time- she thinks it is a word which means poo. We saw a mountain of poo that the ownder did not pick up today. That dog must have been big as a house! I love your freinds and you too.
    WRF rooroo

  7. Happy Birthday to Biggie!
    Sure it was nice to meet your friends there to celebrate him!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. you and Knutty are kings of that rock!!

    Happy Birthday to Biggie

    and hugs to all your wonderful friends

  9. I am an imaginary dog, my person is too lazy to get a real life dog. But I enjoy looking at the pictures of real dogs on this blog. Maybe if I look long enough, I can be a real dog too some day too.
    Love from the netherworld,
    Emma Jean Ari.

  10. woo hoo!

    Casey is a blue heeler - excellent.