Friday, March 5, 2010

My Week by Buster

This is my sister who came to stay. We are talking.

She and Adam bought Dad a thing that has flashing lights and flies round the apartment.
I would like to bite it,  but I am not allowed.
Knut is frightened of it.

It is called a helicopter.

Anyway, this is me waiting for Knutty.

This is our friend Pat the crossing guard. She gives us treats.

Claud and Adam gave me a good present. It was a very big cardboard box.

This is mostly what has been going on around here.
I hope you are having a good time.



  1. Hi Buster; Looks like a lot of fun at your place. I see you know right where Pat keeps her treats!

  2. You are so lucky, Buster. That box is fantastic!

  3. Love that Buster is showing his "I know where the treat is" stare... so cute
    Newest art project is coming right along.
    woof... Watson and Hamish

  4. The "Waiting for Knutty" photo is a prize winner. Glad to see you are getting into your work!

  5. I love the look on Buster's face while waiting for his treat. I love any look on Buster's face!

  6. Hello Buster,

    I know you are enjoying having your sister visiting. It's got to be good to catch up with here, tell her about our big snow, and the rest.

    Good to see, also, that she is encouraging your artistic efforts.

    We have a new person at the shop who needs to have you give her that look that shows that you know where the biscuits are.

    Best wishes.

  7. Hi Buster,

    Sounds like you had an interesting week! Don't break anything now with that helicopter! Wish we had one!

    Riley and Star.

  8. you're sitting so nicely waiting for Pat to give you a treat, I'm so proud of you

    will the box be a hideout or is it a new art installation?

  9. You are a very nice sitter Buster. You look very noble.

    I have been worried about your art lately ... you have seemed to be in a dry spell! I am so grateful that Claud and Adam got you some supplies and you got back to work.

    Big kiss for a little dog.

  10. Dear Buster,
    You are the only dog I know, that has your very own blog. You are a very special pup I can tell. Really happy that you have such good "people". It's nice seeing the photo of you here & your sister toghether.

  11. Dear Buster,
    You have a black button nose, I see!!

  12. Baxter dug a joy hole the other day - that was his install for the week!

  13. Hi Buster,
    Love always seeing your news. Sounds you had a great week.
    Kisses and Hugs!

  14. Very enjoyable. You guys look like a couple of dogs I would like to meet.