Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Week by Buster

This is me, Uncle Buster, looking after Henry James.
 I am allowing Mum to hold him for a minute.
He likes it when I lick him.

This is me wrestling with Knutty. He is staying over.

This is me tried out from wrestling.

This is us with a stick. Knutty is looking dangerous.

This is us asking for food like we always do. And Luis gives it to us.

This is Knutty looking at my mum.

We are going for a walk soon.

I hope you are well.



  1. Buster you have such great long legs... Scotties have such short legs.
    We really like your pictures of Kuntty too ! He is a great friend.
    Your blog made my mum's morning...
    cheers, Watson

  2. Hi Buster,
    You are so lucky to have a friend like
    Knutty you can hang out with and a nephew
    to watch over you can lick. Soon we will have a sleepover too. Our Boston Terrier nephews and niece are coming to vacation for a week, there will be seven dogs in our house. Mum will definitely pull her hair out by the end of that vacation.

    Find a stick for us.

  3. You are too cute, Buster. Knutty is cute, too, but not quite as cute as you. Don't tell him I said so!

  4. Hi Buster,

    Now that looked like a fun day! Wish we had a Louis to give us food! You're lucky!

    Riley and Star.

  5. Hi, Buster!
    Sure you had a great week!
    I can see you had lots of fun with Knutty!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. You lead such a fun and varied life...we get excited just looking at you being excited!

  7. Another good week you had, Buster... have a great weekend!

    Licks, hero

  8. you and Knutty sure do have a good time together

    Henry James is adorable
    and so are you Buster

  9. You are such a good uncle! Letting your mom hold your nephew is good for her. I am sure it makes her happy just like licking makes your nephew happy.

    Knute is lucky to have a good friend to stay with once in a while. Wrestling and walking and getting food. Good times!

  10. Hei Buster,
    you make funny faces in this post - real cute!!!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Wags from Gizmo