Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Weird Dog and Some Small Ones and I Make a Joke

I do not think this is a real dog.
 I have never met a blue dog. 
This one was in a shop window.

This is another weird dog!
 It is Knutty trying to climb up something. HaHa

This is Rueben.
 Mum wanted to take a picture of him because Claud likes sausage dogs.
Mum said: is he named after the Rubin Museum?
His Mum said: no, after the eldest son of Jacob.
I said the sandwich
Ha Ha. I am on a tear making jokes today.

Then we met another snausage dog.

He was jumping around.

I hope you are well



  1. Hi Buster,

    We luuuv your jokes! And isn't it fun acting silly?

    Luv ya Buster,

    Riley and Star.

  2. ba ha ha!

    Did anyone else laugh?

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA- and that blue dog- wow- so still- my person said "well trained".
    I leave dexterds in the grass...hahahahahaha

  4. BOL... good one, Buster... but we all know there's a funny bone in every artistry dawg.

    Licks, hero

  5. Good evening Buster.

    It's a bit late, so you might already have gone to sleep. No matter. I wanted to say that you've got wit!

    I also wanted to say how good it was to see you recently. You have a big fan club at the shop.

    Next time that you stop by, please do tell everyone a few jokes (you could whisper them and someone will give you an extra biscuit.)

    Best wishes.

  6. Buster,

    If you ever meet a blue dog be sure to use a joke to cheer him/her up.

  7. Ah, Buster. I have missed you lately. You always make me smile with your fun jokes and your fun friends.

  8. Oh Buster, you are too funny!! Maybe you should do stand up comedy??

  9. I don't like you fooling around with sausage dogs. You deserve better, trust me, a dog like you ...

  10. you should be on late night Buster!

    that not a real dog looks like he is half penguin

    knutty and the snausage dogs are very cute

  11. Buster you are super cute!! You should meet Yuki (she's an american eskimo) and loves snausage dogs.

  12. You see some fun and different things there in NYC. Mewmie said she saw a rainbox colored dog in Macy's once when she was in was not a statue, it was a real dog!