Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Some Cool Things

This is a cool picture of me in Knutty's hall. It is very arty.

Anyway, he came back from his vacation and I was happy. He is laughing too.

Then Jasper came over to play.

When he got tired, he lay down on my bed.

This is a picture of Chip at the dog run. He is funny.
 He picks up the water bowl and runs round with it. 
Sometimes he puts his foot in it and slides down the hill.

The last cool thing is when I get a stick.

I can lie down and chew it for a long time.

This is what I have been up to. Today it is raining.
I hope it is not raining by you.



  1. I recognized my good friend Sparky. He's a handsome guy! Love Cowboy!

  2. You should eat some sandpaper to make the splinters more smooth and then you won't poke your insides.AND what would come out the other end might be nice enough for gifts for your friends. Just a thought.
    DEXTER, The magnificent

  3. I love your artsy picture Buster!!

  4. Laughing out loud at Linda Sue's comment. I've seen things just that weird for sale as art. No, you work so hard on those sticks. I'm sure they are wonderful creations. You may have to get an art agent and a gallery.

  5. Some people think we are too obssessed with dogs.

  6. Having fun with friends sure is a great way to spend a week!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. The art of being a dog - you do it so well Buster!

  8. Hey Buster,

    You know that over the top deluxed heated dog bed my mum bought me?

    I sleep on the floor next to it.

    Drives her nuts...

  9. you're a good friend to share your bed
    I love all your pictures :)

  10. These are very cute pix of you all!!!
    Looks like loads of fun!!!
    HAPPY EASTER and many sweet treats...
    Gizmo and mum

  11. Hi Buster!
    Your mum made a comment on your behalf on my blog, so thank you! I think your dog blog is the bestest. Stay cool!