Monday, June 1, 2009

The Latest

This is George. He is one of my friends.
When Mum and Dad go out, he takes me for a walk.
When I go out with Mum, we often meet George.
He gives me dried liver treats from his bag. Yum.

This is me relaxing  on the street.

This is a puppy I met. He looks a lot like me.
He wanted to be my friend.

This cat outside the florist did not want to be my friend. 
She gave me a mean look.

Yesterday we went upstate and I played with Joba in the garden.
There was an angel hiding behind the butterfly bush.

When we got home I worked on my art installation.
It is called Ex-Box 5

love from Buster


  1. when will your gallery showing be ready?

    George looks like a good friend, and the puppy has friend potential
    cats don't mean to be mean, they're just not sure who to trust

  2. You have such full days. However, I can't help but wonder what your Mom is doing while you relax on the street!

    That art installation is . . . interesting!

  3. Ex-Box 5! So avant-garde! So forward thinking! So fun!
    Pat, pat goes my hand on your cute head Buster.

  4. Buster- woof- your art is GREAT with an emphasis on the GR!The EAT part might give you a tummy ache.When i was your age i did a few installations of a more organic nature but gave that up. It was met with too much "NO NO". Now I have to settle for the stuffing removal sort of installations, you know the kind.

  5. one of the best things in life is a good friend, so you are very lucky! George seems a fine friend plus treats! you installation is really looking good!

  6. That is an awesome art installation Buster! Are you going to have a gallery opening soon?

  7. Buster is a post modern de constructionist...

  8. G'day Matey from Australia,
    Like your blog and your take on life.

    Catch ya later
    Bryn ( The Bold) a blue heeler cattel dog.

  9. I love your art installation. Very... artistic! Those treats George gives you sound tasty. ;-)