Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Sister

My sister was staying at my house.
She would tell me things.

Then I would sniff her nose.

Sometimes she and Mum would try to teach me things.

This is a portrait she took of me.

In this picture we are going for a walk.
This morning we all got up early, and she got in a taxi.
I am sad. I think I will lie down for a bit.

Love from 


  1. Buster, your sister is so beautiful. It's great that you and she got to share some secrets and get well acquainted.

    Bet she is thinking of you right now!

    Best wishes.

  2. I just got a little tear Buster - I know all about getting up early and taxis
    but hey! you can e-mail each other

    she took a beautiful portrait of you - although you do look a bit sad

    and you are so handsome in the sunlight!!

  3. Buster, I am so glad you enjoyed your time with your sister. I love the photo of you sniffing her nose! Did you learn anything? Hopefully you got lots and lots of treats. That portrait of you is're such a handsome guy!
    Love and hugs,

  4. Hi Buster. I know how it is to miss someone who just left. Maybe you can go to the dog park later and then you will feel better. Tell Mum the portrait of you and her looks fantastic! What a pretty Mum you have!

  5. AWWWW...sad face when they go. My boy left- he comes home sometimes.Makes me wag and jump and chase, happy! Sleeping on him is the warmest place and he scritches my tummy. Then he is not there- i look everywhere and my nose says "gone"...
    you are a hot dog! My boy says some one is "hot" and I think it means sniffable, not sure, so I am pretty sure that you are "hot" from the looks of your portrait!

  6. I found you by way of Intern. I'm so happy I did. I love dogs and yours is absolutely beautiful. What a face. I have two spaniels and they are my heart. You've managed to make something beautiful here. I will most certainly return.

  7. Buster, you are looking particularly winsome in these fine photographs. Perhaps you and sister can Skype?

  8. Hei Buster and family,
    what a cute portrait of you!
    All other pix are super as well; as usual!
    Like to have a look into your blog!!
    I have an own as well now, it is:!
    Welcome ✿
    Gizmo from Germany
    and mum