Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Knut, Wet and My Poor Animals

Knut is better.
He was really sick and his jaw wouldn't open. Now he is better.
Maybe there was something wrong with his teeth.
My teeth are fine.

This is us welcoming Knut back.

My favorite place in the world.
There is  a brown leaf in the pool.
Mum says it reminds her of fall. Fall of what?
Or autumn. I have not ever seen that.

Anyway, the water tastes good.

This is me looking wild when I am being dried off.

I am hitting my toys.

 They look sad with their faces all bitten off.

Hint. Hint.

Love from



  1. hey buster........shake hands........shake hands.......good boy!

  2. Buster - did ya get toast after shaking hands?
    It's in your contract you know

    I am so very glad that Knut is better
    He must have been very happy to see his friends

    So when are you and Mum going toy shopping?

  3. Buster, you just couldn't be any cuter- your posts always make me smile.

  4. Its a good day in the neighborhood! Knut is back! I wonder if someday you will go in a lake full of water? Pat pat goes my hand on your head Buster. Good dog.

  5. What a face you have, Buster, must be from the faces off your toys...

  6. OOpps, I meant ...must be from BITING the faces off....etc...

  7. Welcome back, Knute. I am glad that you are better. I am also glad that Buster is doing so well. Apparently, you either really like being dried off or you really don't! Getting new toys . . . I am not sure. Sometimes the best toys are the "well loved" ones!

  8. Hi Buster, glad that your friend Knut is getting better... now you can play together. Did your mom get the hint? hehe...

  9. oh so you want more faces to chew off??

  10. Buster, I am so glad you have got that pool to splash in! Also glad that Knut is feeling better and ready for more summer fun.

    Think that you will absolutely love autumn (fall) in New York. Please get your mom to take you to Central Park! In the fall.


  11. You have an adorable and lovely face, Buster! Yesterday I saw on tv an reportage about the dog park in Greenwich Village and I thougth on you...
    Flora also looking wild when I dried her too.

  12. Hi there, Buster! I'm glad you're friend, Knut, feels better.

    Hmmm... yes, you need more toys. ;-)

    Paz xoxo

  13. Oooo Buster...can I come and play with you in your kiddie swimming pool??!! Then we can be wild together, play with your toys, go a walk...Oh, I'm forgetting...I'm not a dog...fooey...Can we pretend? ((HUGS))