Sunday, July 19, 2009

Me and Buck

This is Buck. He lives with IanDownTheHall.

This is me. My family is looking after Buck
until his family come home.

This is us waiting for the elevator.

This is us going in different directions on our walk.

This is us on different sides of a tree.

When we get home, I let Buck play in my house.


  1. you're a good friend to take care of Buck
    and to let him play in your house

    he's cute Buster, but you have my heart

    poor Mum - those leashes look like a lot to handle, especially when you 2 go in different directions

    maybe today you and Buck can practice teamwork

  2. What a lovely portray of Buck, Elizabeth! Buster is cute as always!
    Hugs from D'Ora!
    Have a nice week ahead, Maria!

  3. Oh Buster, you are truly a good and giving furrend. Buck made us smile, all jaunty and tilted and spry for an old guy (he looks old...)

  4. Buck looks a little bit like my brother- his face is crookedy and he is cute, I guess. At least that's what the humans say.I just go by my nose and sometimes my brother smells really good- especially after romping in the bog.
    I am going to his house today to play in the big yard and eat sushi- his humans are Japanese- they make the best snacks!
    You are a good host- do you let him bite your toys?

  5. Buster you are so nice letting Buck stay with you. As you've seen, I don't like doggie visitors too much so I'm not nice like you. You've had some interesting visits to the park this week. What's up with fake food? I don't see the purpose in that!
    Love and hugs,

  6. Buster, you are a wonderful host. I am sure that Buck will be missing his family, but will be very glad to be able to stay with you.

    Do you all have the same thing for breakfast? Does Buck have snacks?

    How old is Buck?

    Sorry if these are too many questions for you, Buster. xo

  7. AWWW wOO AND BUCK HAVE A FUN TIME TOGETHER.. I always walk the wrong way .. .

    Bell girl

  8. Hi Buster, you're so kind to share your house and some of mum's love with Buck... and he must be happy getting to play with you.

  9. Hei Buster,
    Buck looks cute, seems he has two different ears?! It is always nice to have company by good friend, isn't it?!
    Beatrice and Gizmo

  10. Buck's family think he is about 10 ( he was adopted!)
    he is very cute but a bit deaf.
    Buster was pretty gentle with him.

  11. Hi Buster, I am glad to know your friend Buck! You are a nice host and adorable as always!
    Have a lovely day with your Mom.